Proud moments

Second post n the same day.  You bet.

If you think this is some drivel about a proud Dad moment, then you would be wrong.  You don’t understand the hurdle that I just crossed.  Tammy cooked chicken fried steaks, mashed taters and corn.  Wicked, wicked good eating!  But, she also baked up some croissants.  Why?  I do not know.  But I had to eat one and it had to have honey on it.  So, here I was, sitting at my desk, with a croissant and a honey bottle.  I am so proud that I remembered to push the keyboard shelf under the desk.  YES!!!! No new honey on the keyboard.  ‘m pretty proud of this new accomplishment.

Hooked up on this Sunday taking care of some show stock.  Got a lot done.  Then, I got a text reminding me that I have to go back to school tomorrow.  My first thought,”Nobody wanted this job when I took it.  I could probably skip tomorrow”.  Then, I thought, “No, I actually want to go to work tomorrow.”  So, I’m kind of proud of myself again.  Which means, that sometime on Monday, while sitting through a “professional development” meeting, I will re-think why I am sitting through this meeting and will suddenly remember a reason to NOT be in said meeting and will then go check some projects, clean the shop or work on FFA stuff.  Still at work, but not bored.

Have a good one, a better tomorrow and here is the start to another year, another show season, another opportunity for proud moments.


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