If anybody needed proof that I have actually had a bad hoof, they needed to be here tonight.  I sat here writing bill checks.  Regardless of insurance, these deductibles and extra costs are adding up.  The fact that I am paying for this is proof enough that it is hurt.  Over a quarter of a decade of paying health insurance on myself and I never used it till now.  You would think that it would cheapen up after a decade or so.  I am now trying to decide if it would have been cheaper to treat me like a bull with a bad hoof.  Get rid of the toe and glue a block to it.  Dang, I better be careful or Dad will haul me off to Booker Packing.

Speaking of pain….as I was writing bill checks, I tried to tear the perforated line on a bill.  Except, the perforated line was NOT on the folded line of the tri-fold bill.  It was about a 1/4 inch difference–perforated versus fold line.  What kind of evil does this?  Somebody, somewhere needs throat punched for this transgression against man-kind.

Huge thank you to Tommy Milligan, Bryan Kennedy, Duke Kelln, Hayden Workman, Halie and Braden Schovanec and Tyke & Old Man Greer for helping wash, clip, photo and drive.  I am really proud of this set of bucks.  Pics and stuff will be up shortly.

In the best interest of medicine, I will try to post on a more regular basis. I do not want loyal readers to have to go to the doctor.  I  understand the value of a regular morning activity that keeps things moving.  I like apples and pears but sometimes a person just needs a regular, well-timed activity to keep things right.  Well played.  This is just proof that many of you readers are just as sick and twisted or even more so than I.

Thank you to anybody that actually takes the time to click here and read this crap.  This blog has caused me a problem or twelve but it has also helped me to connect with more people than I could have ever imagined.  My two favorite things with this blog are: 1–People that text, email, call or wait to ambush me with something tied to this blog.  I am almost always embarrassed about the fact that people read this.  However, I have developed customers, allies, enemies and most importantly, friends as a result of this dang thing.  2—“I don’t normally read your blog but….”  BS.  That is a dead give-away that somebody reads this crap.  Or read it while crapping.  Either way, #2.

I can give lots of proof of what I hate about the goat industry.  But I can also give proof of what I love about it.  The goats are just a vehicle to see the best and worst of people.  To interact with others.  To build work ethic, passion, hope and a social network.  Without a doubt, my kids could have a flat tire in almost any county in the US of A and they can quickly connect with somebody to get help.  That is not just a blog deal, social media deal or whatever.  They can literally find somebody that gets it and they will have talking points.  That is why we do this.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.


Eat some yogurt to keep regular.


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