Project Visits

Once upon a time, as a younger ag teacher, I made regular rounds to see all livestock projects on a regular basis.  This wasn’t all bad but I quickly learned that it was better to load the stock and bring to a central location.  Don’t load the scales and haul from place to place.  Break the stock to drive, lead, etc.  Give them a bit of stress loading, unloading and riding in the trailer.  Expose them to new places.  Plus the scales stayed balanced.

Then, I wasn’t an ag teacher but I dealt with lots of stock.  Bring them to me.  I only occasionally stopped in to any given location if I was in the area or there was an emergency.  This also allowed to put showmen in contact with each other.  Peer pressure is a great motivator.  If every other kid can lead and show their stock, junior will typically get their ass in gear.

Now, as an older and wiser owl, I still prescribe to the bring the stock to one location.  But, sometimes, you just need to make the rounds.  Nominations are a good reason to do this.

Which brings us to this evening.  I left school a bit early, bout 3:10ish and headed south.  60 miles later, I made it to this project visit.  I met the dad at the barn, pulled hair and nominated several head of shoats.  Yes, that was 60 miles one way.  120 round trip.  And I only crossed 2 school districts.

No big deal.  Just another example of what parents will do for their kids.  Daughter is in school at Shattuck.  Mom works in Shattuck.  Pigs are getting started at their home barns and will move to ag farm during Christmas.  Nothing wrong here.  Just some miles to drive.  Actually, I get to check projects in 7 different school districts and cross state lines to see some.  It’s all good.  One just has to use some strategery to make efficient stops.

Shout out to a moron or two in the greater Billings, OK area.  They kind of made the news for some dude saving a bald eagle.  Cool deal!

As I am typing this, Tammy is telling me that Kela met some dude today on a tv or movie set named Charles Barkley.

Tammy asked Duke, “Do you know who Charles Barkley is?

Duke replied, “I feel like I should, but no.”

Tammy then told him, “He used to play for the Lakers.”

Me:  “WHAT IN THE, I will bet whatever against that statement.”

Tammy:  “Yes he did.  Didn’t he?”

Me:  “NOOO!   76ers, Suns and kind of the Rockets.  Dang sure was on the Dream Team.”


Have a good one.  Hopefully, an Al Czervik good one.  Nonetheless, here’s to a good one and a better tomorrow.



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