People, we have real problems developing right in front of us.  The first problem is not just relegated to goat producers.  It is a REAL 1st-world problem.  We have too many logins and passwords.  Heck, I had to try 4 different times just to login into my own website.  For email, school, work, online auctions and other non-personal websites, I try to keep my logins/passwords somewhat similar.  But, some sites need a cap letter, others a number, while others need a set amount of digits.  

      On a lot of my work related crap, I don’t even come up with a user name or password.  I just login, do what I need to do and then next time, call and play stupid.  Everybody can relate, so they just take care of you.  Or click on the FORGOT tab and go from there.  For example, on Wednesday morning, I was the last teacher to the “teacher” meeting.  I didn’t have my login crap. So, I sat down to the computer at 7:34 am, clicked on the forgot password tab, got it emailed to me, immediately.  Then, I filled out the little BS government bullcrap form that the school needed me to do in order to fulfill some cock-a-mamey governmental bullcrap kind of deal.  I clicked exit and I was the first teacher DONE.  I was out in the halls BSing with the custodial staff while the rest of them were still trying to figure out their passwords.  I’ve got more important crap to do than try to remember 57 different combinations of logins and passwords.  Granted, this is a problem that only happens in 1st world countries.  If you are starving, in a civil war, fighting ebola, or some other 3rd world maladies, then you really don’t care if you remember your password or not.  

      Now, as goat breeders, we too have real problems facing us.  And we know it.  It is a HUGE problem.  WE are getting ready to cause ourselves–BIRTHING DIFFICULTIES.  

     Every judge wants more bone, bigger ribs, more width in their chest floor and wider skulls.  Throw in does that are leveler from their hooks to their pins and we are making a natural process such as giving birth a problem.  We are pulling more and more kids.  There are more and more C sections being done–properly and improperly.  Heck, for that matter, with all of the flush work being done, we are seeing two and three generations of “great” ones that have NEVER had a live birth.  Pull em as babies.  Grow em out.  Breed em.  Flush em.  Let the recips have these wide made, big boned bastards.  “Oh, he’s out of old such and such.  We’ve got to keep the nuts in him.  Even though he will be a doe killer when his babies come.”  

      This isn’t new territory.  The clubby cattle market has fought this for decades.  And when a great easy calving bull comes along…..JACKPOT!    The sheep breeders have been fighting it.  The hog breeders are plum ass sideways.  They have been cutting pigs out, killing sows and getting litters of TWINS for the past couple of years. They’ve got a mess on their hands.   

      How do you fix it?  1–Keep your females moderate.  This is a time tested truism.  Keep the women moderate in terms of frame, width, bone, muscle and respect maternal abilities.  Let the male add the power.  Then, get out of the way and let the female do her job.  2–Get better judges.  Breeders know better than anybody. Have breeders judge shows.  They, more than anybody know that if one looks too good to be true, it probably is.  Look at a list of major show judges.  Almost all of these judges are county agents/ag teachers or livestock judging team coaches.  Most are quality.  Most are NOT breeders.  

       Like Jay Z, goat producers may have 99 problems, but we don’t HAVE to HAVE this female dog as a problem.  We can see it coming.  Stop it.  Don’t wait until the trend goes to far.  

       Have a good day, a better tomorrow and stay flexible but not limp.