Pringles Can

     I don’t hate the goat industry but I truly need a break from it.  And let’s be honest, there are plenty in this industry that need a break from me.  

     There is a lot about the current state of the industry that I do not like.  I have been real clear about this.  All of the $s, politics, enhancements, photoshopping, etc. reminds me of a pringles can.  

     Both sexes can screw a pringles can, but neither can do it well.  Some may do it better than others but no matter… either way, it still ain’t right.  

     I hope Ben gets a fat check.  I truly do.  But, I will still say this deal is BS.  And I am right.  If he gets that fat check that means that some marketing firm, or group angling for advertising, or…….and I have came up with a bunch of different scenarios of who might be the driving money behind all of this…..because there is NOT some wether legitimately selling for $70k without a BUNCH of help.  And if it is a marketing firm, feed company, reprod company, etc. behind it….well, here comes the pringles can.  I don’t think….       that is where……      it is supposed to go.   OWWW!!!  Somebody is going to get screwed, somehow, somewhere.  Once again, this isn’t good for the industry.

       The following story is not a bash on a friend of mine, nor the product nor the current owners of the product.  It is just a true story but since it is 2021 and people get butt-hurt like they tried to shove a pringles can………..

A decade plus several years ago, a friend of mine named Jack Staats came up with a feed additive.  He had “enhanced” an existing product and came up with a cool name.  Milligan and I were the one’s dealing the stuff.  Staats had it made.  Milligan sold it and I handled all of the feeding/drenching instructions.  I used it, but only on certain animals.  It was not then and is still not a cure for all animals. (NO additive or drench is–legally)     I kept telling Staats–it needs to be in a bucket.  This little silver packet is a pain in the ass. 

      His reply was always the same–“I want to keep it small and affordable for the kids.”  My reply was always the same as well, “Jack, it isn’t the kids paying for it.”  Guess what?  He kept it in small packets right up until he sold his Gold Dust product to a bigger deal.  And then guess what?  They put it in buckets and upped the price.  Great!  Guess what, the adults bought more and more of it.  I’m fine with that.  And yes, they also sell it in the packets.

       My point is this.  I too want to keep it all about the kids but let’s get real, that boat sailed a LONG time ago.  And after re-reading the BS post and reading this one, well, I don’t think this blog is really for the kids either.  

       You know what, I think I’m just going to go to the pantry to get me some pringles.  And if that can is empty, I might just cry.  Why cry?  At least a can of pringles is still affordable.  And, I want a pringle or three.  And I really don’t know what to do with an empty pringles can.  

Pray for me.  

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.  

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