I’m a bit stand-off-ish and can seem like an ass.  Fine by me.  I have many acquaintances but only a few that I consider true friends.  I’m talking about people that will help others before they worry about themselves.  The stock show world has led my family to become friends with a family that fits this bill.  And when I say a stock show family, I am talking about one of the very best stock show families that have ever shown stock.  Success with goats, pigs, cattle and even a sheep or two.

The Schovanec family has fought through health issues for the past two years.  It hasn’t been easy as Christi has been fighting cancer.  Travis has managed to keep the farm running and kids busy through it all.  Throw in tough agriculture times and it hasn’t been easy.  But, they have managed.  And they have done it as a family.

Travis absolutely loves helping others improve their showmanship skills.  He is ate up with it.  Loves it!  Won’t take money, just wants to help.  Braden, Halie and Carson are all incredibly talented showmen.  Braden was hall of fame level at showing goats.  Halie was better.  Carson likes those dang pigs and has an addiction to cool stock trailers.  The kids are ultra-successful.

Now, Christi is fighting full blown leukemia.  She will be in OKC most of this month during chemo.  Throw in some other health issues with her mother and things are not sunny.  None of these people would ever ask for help but will and have always helped others.  But, I will gladly ask for them.  Prayers, that’s it.  Just take a moment or two to say a prayer for this family.   Prayers.  Maybe send a note to any of them.  You may not get a reply from Travis, you will from Braden.  Any and all prayers would be appreciated.  Thank you.

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