Positives of the Industry

    Without a doubt, the most positive attribute of the livestock industry is the people that are in it.  I saw piles of people this past weekend.  On Sunday and Monday, we had people from Nebraska, Georgia and NE Oklahoma (which is kind of like another state) looking at goats.  l enjoy listening to other peoples plans and goals, tricks, thoughts, and what they’ve seen elsewhere.  Most importantly the way that they touch other people through livestock.  

We had a crew from Georgia looking at does.  This was my first time to meet them, but we had talked on the phone several times.  He had told me that he uses his profits from selling goats to fund a scholarship program in memory of his son who had passed away unexepectedly at the age of 7.  It was his son that had got him into raising goats.  

      Now, as a result of setting up the Ashton Bray Memorial Scholarship Foundation, they have given over $44,000 in scholarships since 2011.  This is the kind of deal that needs to grow.  This is a way that parents can keep a memory of their son going, but it also gives back to the youth in the industry.  It has mainly been based in Georgia, but is already expanding into South Carolina and dad wants to keep it growing.  Take a look at Ashton Bray Memorial Scholarship Foundation on facebook.  Really neat deal.