I despise painting, staining, home repairs, etc. Therefore, I have kept busy outside trying to do things to improve our newest purchase. Tammy, my Uncle Jim, and various other friends and family have painted, stained, etc inside the house. I write the checks, do any heavy lifting that is required and stay the hell out of the way.

The fence builders are to the part of fence that will be the hardest. There is a steep slope down to the pond, therefore, they can’t drive the skid steer along with this slope to drive posts and dig post holes. There are also numerous trees in the way. I pulled out my decade old poulan cheap ass chain saw and went to work to help them out. The next hour was not worth a damn as I demolished that cheap chain saw and then got into a wasp nest. Now thoroughly pissed, I got in the pickup and headed to Woodward.

I went and bought a Stihl chainsaw. Don’t mess around, get the good stuff. They build the best chain saw out there and service them. It wasn’t cheap, but neither is anything else that I do. By the time, I got back and went to work, my left arm was starting to turn red and swell. I knew that I had been stung, but I didn’t realize just how many times those kamikaze bastards had nailed me. I got the tree limbs out of the way. Finished up around there and headed back to Fairview. There wasn’t any wind last night, so Duke and I got rid of a few fireworks.

Couldn’t sleep last night as my arm hurt and was irritating. Today, my left arm looks like popeye. Yes, I am allergic to wasps and bees. But this is the worst that I have ever hurt or swelled. Oh well, another day. I still managed to cut down a bunch of cedar trees, clean up some piles of crap that had been laying for awhile and then clean water tanks back at Fairview.

My Grandpa Duke was a pack rat. He grew up poor, then raised 6 kids, so therefore, he learned how to be conservative. He was a carpenter, farmer, custom cutter and quasi-engineer. Nothing was to be thrown away. Everything had a second, third or fourth life as something else. Just do some Presidential Restructuring and make it work for some other use. The problem is, that crap is still there. My uncle moved in about ten years ago and just started accumulating stuff on top of the shit my Grandpa had left. I’m guilty of a lot of things, but I don’t like crap piled around. It is going to take me a bit of time, effort, beer and cussing, but I will have it like I want it.

If anybody needs any used tires, come get them. I’ve got a bunch.

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