I’m just sitting here pondering life.  I wish I was sitting in Denver pondering the goat show with Schoovy and Braden.  Ch sr. showman and res. Grand wether is a good day.  That is a day well worth pondering.  Congrats to that family on a job well done.  A few months ago I had plans on being there.  I am left pondering what happened?

     Several months ago, I wrote about our school superintendent having a bad car wreck.  He has healed quicker than they thought he would.  Although, he still has a ways to go, he returned home today.  His wife drove him down the school drive with 7-12 grades standing in line with posters, cheers and high fives.  It was pretty cool.  I would imagine that he has been pondering his return and this had to feel good.

     I got to remove a dead 7 week old buck kid this fine evening.  No big thing.  It was just a 191 bred back to his twin sister ET kid.  He hand’t been sick, cold or any other visible maladies.  This kind of deal just leaves me pondering the goat industry.  All I have to say is “Ouch!” 

     All of this pondering left me needing refreshed.  So I took a HOT bath while having a cranberry juice on ice.  Now I am left pondering why Speed Stick Irish Spring deodorant has that clear plastic deal that covers a new stick but still fits under the cap.  I think that I should have removed that plastic deal before I applied the deodorant.