That would be me on this fine Friday evening.  Part of me would like to gripe about the amount of rain that we have had in the past 6 weeks, but I know better.  Although, I can hear Bob Seelke in the back of my mind–“I can buy all the dad gum hay that I need to raise goats. ”  I agree that goats do NOT like all the moisture and do NOT look good when it is wet.  But, for every other aspect of life, I am happy with the rain.

I did laugh at the text message “I should have used spell check when ordering my fidget spinner.”  Something about a brass pole and rhymes with fidget…just …. makes me laugh.

The highest priced goats always seem to end up in Oklahoma.  Yet, people drive through Oklahoma to buy does and bucks in Texas.  Part of me finds this odd.  The other part goes, well hell, I went to Texas for my initial herd start up.  Goat shopping in Texas is like going to Wal Mart.  You can fill your cart.  You just have to do some driving.

I sit here tonight pondering graduation.  Tammy and Duke went to Waynoka for High School graduation.  The girl that is graduating is the offspring of 2 of my former students.  That makes me old.  Which has left me to pondering other things.  I know that I am not immortal.  Nor, do I want to be.  I didn’t plan on making it to 40, yet here I am nearing 50.  I really thought that the Dragon Lady would have had enough of me by now to make me disappear.

Which reminds me of a text from my brother-in-law.  His wife has reminded him that she would NEVER be a divorcee but was not opposed to being a widow.  I think/know that the Dragon Lady subscribes to this same theory.  And by the way, that same brother-in-law is getting ready to graduate another honor student from high school.  Congrats to the Atha family for continued family excellence!  I guarantee that there is a proud Aunt Tammy.  I get to hear about it!

And back to my pondering.  As I sit and look at the Barnthouse dispersal, it makes one think.  Dude, this could happen to any of us.  How do you get rid of everything?

I have told Tammy, if something happens to me, call Tommy and Julie Milligan.  I try to remember to tell Tammy and Duke what partners there are regarding semen rights, etc.  Tell Tommy to take care of selling the goats.  You and Duke know how auctions work.  Sell the toys in one sale.  The equipment in another.  The goats need to be separate.  Pay for good help and get it done.  The Milligans know what they are doing.  There are other people that will want the commission, but they don’t know the business.  Some are good at selling sheep, others pigs, some cattle and others are just looking to find a place in the online business.  The Milligan’s have been in the online game longer than most and they know the goat business.  So, therefore, they need to sell my dispersal when it is time.  Tammy agrees but also says that she doesn’t want to talk about this kind of thing.  Kela says that Duke is in charge of burying me.  And Duke says, “Hunh.  Sure.”

As I have been hit up by other online sales places to sell with them for less commission, I ponder “Why in the hell would I sell with them alive, if it’s not where I have told my family to sell when I’m gone.”  I buy goats, pigs, sheep, cattle and equipment online.  I am not a novice buyer or seller when it comes to online sales.  When I have to have a text from the selling breeder that their sale is tonight, then that online auction service is not earning their keep.   Just pondering.  As with most of these blogs, I get to the end and ponder “How the hell did we end up here?  This isn’t where we started.”  Oh well.  It’s kind of like driving back roads with good music.  It’s all good.

Here’s to horseshoes and shamrocks while looking forward to green pastures with not-large Hereford cows.

Pondering.  That’s a good buck name.  Or maybe, I just need one named Amnesia and forget all this crap.




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