The term “polock” has been a derogatory term for anybody that originated in Poland.  Heck, we all told polock jokes when we were a kid.  It’s okay to tell a Polock joke, but not one using other terms that regard race or religion.  My question is Why?  The Polish people have been huge contributors to modern society.  Look at their contributions to food–Haagen-Dazs ice cream, Nathan’s hot dogs and of course, the Polish sausage.  Butt-loadsof contributions to science, medicine and religion.  Even a Pope was from Poland–John Paul II.  The best that I can tell is that because the country sits in between Germany and Russia–both known bullies–the Polish countrymen became a punchline and thus, the birth of the dumb Polock jokes.  Maybe, Poland didn’t have a good enough Public Relations person in order to promote Polish engineering like the Germans did.  Or Russian vodka.  I really don’t understand why American kids tell Polock jokes.  From what I have witnessed, we Americans are the single greatest society ever while managing to become the dumbest, fattest, laziest bastards EVER.  Might be why a large part of the rest of the world doesn’t like us much?  Hhmm?

      But even as the Polish people were involved in both World Wars and the Cold War, they still managed to invent things like kevlar and radar.  And World War II is where the rest of our story is headed. 

    I had seen this story years ago, but had forgotten about it.  I am always into stories involving animals.  Now, thanks to a Chive post, I re-visited the story.  The story is about Wojtek (pronounced Voytek).  Google it.  Read several different posts as Wikipedia doesn’t quite do it justice.  Basically, Wojtek was a bear cub that was adopted by a Polish army brigade.  The bear became part of the unit.  They even had to use some BS paperwork to make him a private in order to hitch a ride on a British ship since NO PETS were allowed.  The bear even went into battle.  Once the war was over, Wotjek lived in a zoo.  But many of the men came to visit him.  

     This bear also drank beer with the men.  I have no doubts that an animal will drink beer.  I know of a spot boar named Balls that used to drink beer with Mitch Ketts at Billings, OK.  Those two could kill a case in a hurry.  I have memories of watching Sonny Wagoner giving a buck named 5 Star bottles of beer.  That buck would grab the bottle, tilt it back, kill it and then sit the bottle back down waiting on the next one.  I don’t know for sure how many beers 5 Star could drink, but I did watch him drink a six pack one evening.  I have people that can testify to these previous stories.  Short Shit used to like to ride to Mitch’s just to watch that boar drink beer.  It isn’t much of a stretch to imagine a brown bear kicking a couple back with the boys.  But I digress.  

      Read the stories about Wotjek the Nazi fighting bear.  Go ahead and google Polish contributions while you are at it.  GOD bless the USA!  And acknowledge the facts that the Polocks are a valued part of society.  

    And guess what….It rained in paradise…..again.  Not complaining.  

Cedar Heights elementary, circa 1982….How do you keep a Polock from peeing in the corner?  Put him in a round room.