Polar Vortex

I am sure that somewhere, probably in the midwest, this weekend, a goat was born during this cold spell and that goat will be a special buck prospect that will be named….wait….wait……wait for it…….Polar Vortex.  I can tell you this much, that goat was NOT born at our piece of paradise.  There is one doe that has week old triplet doe kids in the kidding barn.  Duke’s wethers are taking up occupancy on the other side of the aisle.  Out of the wind, out of the cold.  They don’t even realize that there is such a thing as a polar vortex.  

Saturday around noon found me sitting inside, rebuilding premier heat lamps.  I even pulled a few broken ones off of the carcass pile and built one complete one from scavenged parts.  I just rebuilt the older ones–the orange ones.  Those new & improved black premier heat lamps are bastards to rebuild.  

When it gets cold, the corgi dogs get to live on the back porch.  And when a polar vortex hits, Sasha gets to come in the house.  I don’t give dogs a bath very often.  But it was time.  I did not want a dirty dog in the house.  So, I mixed up a Moscow Hee Haw (no vodka), ran a warm bath, put the dog in the tub and sang along to some AC/DC.  Yes, AC/DC is the appropriate band to play while washing the dog.  You know, “Givin’ The Dog A Bath”.  For those of you that got that, we salute you.  And for those of you that don’t, I feel sorry for you.

It is amazing how a goat will not drink when it is dark outside.  I guess that this is still tied back to survival insticts so that they don’t get ambushed at a watering hole at night by some cat.  But, they won’t drink when it is dark.  So, I waited till the sun came up this morning to break ice and fill waterers so that all of the stock could get a drink.  I even watered Tammy’s girls.  The chickens.  They have pretty well stayed inside that grainary since this vortex hit.  They’ve just done what hens do–crap, eat, crap, lay eggs, crap some more.  The bedding will have to be cleaned out of the coop as soon as it warms up.  That falls under the heading of NOT MY JOB.  Thank goodness I have a teenage son that literally needs to dig himself out of a hole.  Scooping some chicken crap ought to help his attitude.  

Stay warm.  Keep the wethers bundled up.  Make sure all of the stock gets a drink and can get out of the wind.  Have a good one and a warmer tomorrow.