I like the Alice Cooper song “Poison”.  I’m also a fan of the hair metal band–Poison.  “Don’t need nothing but a good time” is an anthem around here.  These songs are standby fare in the iPod arsenal.  This saturday is the Pick your Poison sale in Stephenville, Tx.  Simpson, Henkhaus, Ann Shafer and myself will be selling top shelf goats.  I can’t attend the sale, due to Kela’s graduation (pretty easy decision).  Schoovy & Braden are going to take my wethers to the sale.  I don’t like having other people do my work, but this isn’t all bad.  Anytime that you can have the best goat showman in the U.S. taking care of your goats, then it ain’t all bad.  Braden is the best.  Not my opinion.  FACT!  

     We are sending 5 Joe Dirt wethers.  Nice set.  One of which is a bad ass.  He is pure poison.  I probably should have left the nuts in him.  But, you have to cut good bucks in order to make good wethers.  He will sell Saturday.  

     It is a first time sale, but it should be a high quality sale.  It is always hard to say how good a new sale will be.  I’m not worried about giving these wethers away, as everybody that has seen them is going to the sale or sending bids.  This sale has been well advertised and all participating breeders have been raising some really good goats.  I think there will be a few doe kids at the sale.  There will be several to pick from.  I haven’t seen the other consignors goats, but I will guarantee that there will be some poison to pick from.