Pocket lint, deals and stuff

        It’s amazing the lint that comes out of my pockets this time of year.  I am sure that this crap is in there year round, it’s just that this time of year people come to get goats and write me checks.  I shove the checks into a pocket and I hope to find them before the Dragon Lady washes these shorts.  On nights like this, I remembered, so I pulled the check out.  On the floor was alfalfa leaves, oat seeds, black sock lint and some other crap that didn’t look edible to a human.  I cleaned up before I was busted by the resident house keeper (which is not me).

        If a person can’t cut a deal, regardless of the amount of cash involved, then they need to be in a different business.  Heck, Wal Mart cuts deals–not for you and I at the register.  But trust me, there is people roaming the world cutting deals to buy in volume so that they can sell at the prices that they do.  Where else am I going to find camo shorts for $9.99?  Sure, there is some 8 year old sewing them in some other country for 8 cents per day, but I’ve got cheap shorts to work in.  That is a different set of politics.  I am capable of dealing on goats like a vegas blackjack dealer.  I’m kind of predictable in my betting habits.  I always bet on a kid.  I will put my cash in and see what happens.  If the kid half-asses, then I won’t bet that way again.  I haven’t made any money betting this way, but I have won big.  It may not make sense to you, but it does me.  

      Just stuff in general.  I don’t have very many Rumour babies, but I like them.  Like Mikey on the old Life cereal commercials, “He likes it.”  Maybe I am a dumb donkey because I didn’t breed a pile to him, but I don’t like over-working young bucks.  Here before long, he is going to get f-foundered.  The problem I have is what buck do you not use?  Joe Dirt, Rainman, Fade2Black?  They will see plenty of action.  These guys need to keep making daughters for Rumour.