Planning Ahead

I’m not very good at.  Actually, that is not true.  I am real good at planning 4 to 3 days or less ahead.  I actually get real good at planning the night before.  That whole week ahead can cause problems.  A lot can change in a week’s time.  

I am glad that the State FFA Convention is over.  One more thing marked off of the calendar.  Now, it is time to start looking forward to goat sales.  Yeah, I know that I have missed some sales, but Duke and I needed some closure.  There is a term to be said for empty pens–that term is PRICELESS!!!  Sometimes, a low rent dude like Duke and/or myself needs a bit of closure, some piece of mind and then recharge the batteries.  We’ll probably get beat because of this strategy but at least we will be in a good humour!!  Then again, we are kind of late chargers that do well running from behind.  Maybe, we need a little mud thrown in our face.  

I am planning on attending some sales in Stephenville, TX this weekend.  I am normally tied up this weekend but it looks like I can actually make it to the Pick your Poison sale.  I’ve always wanted to attend, but it just hasn’t worked out.  Looks like this is my lucky weekend.  I saw Schneberger’s goats that will be selling at this sale and I figure that I need to go to try to gather some $500 wethers.  Actually, there are a couple that I will bid past $500 in order to own.  Maybe $550 if the auctioneer doesn’t screw me over. I just hope that no Texans want to own an Okie bred goat or 3.  

I did inquire about the sale and the hospitalities.  I was told that lunch will be good and I quote that it was “Fat kid approved.”  I don’t know if this means that Parrish says it will be good or what?  But, I do know to trust a fat kid when it comes time to eat.  Especially, if they used to be a jockey.  

Speaking of eating.  JQ Kelln reported in from Corky’s BBQ in Memphis.  It ain’t fair.  That is one that I haven’t been to yet.  Somebody near Memphis needs to sell a good animal so that I have a reason to be in the area.  

I always like the ending to the Shawshank Redemption movie.  I hope.

I hope to see good goats this weekend. I hope to buy a goat or three.  I hope to deal with good people.  I hope to have fun.  I hope.  


      Wait, since we are talking about good stuff and hope, then I might need to mention that Tammy’s mom & dad have struck all state gold again.  It is that time of year again when they announce All State awards.  Bradyn Sellars of Elgin, OK was named as All State in soccer.  Wicked Cool!  It is beginning to seem like Darrel and Linda just make an annual trip to witness All State anouncements for grandkids.  I guess that is what retirement is supposed to be like.  I just hope that their grandkids can keep the tradition going.  Congrats to Bradyn!!


Not to downplay the world’s most popular sport of soccer at all. But, I have a story. Years ago, circa 1999 or so, I had a school try to hire me. They tried to sell me on the

point that they had soccer at their school. One of their board members told me that he had watched a soccer match and that it was a lot like sex. Wait? What? He said,

“Yeah, this soccer must be a lot like sex. It’s a lot of fun to do, but not much fun to watch others doing it.” I’ve got nothing.