Sunday found me in OKC.  Monday in Tulsa.  Tuesday in Enid.  I was a bit road weary.  A  buddy of mine had mentioned watching the PBS documentary about Country Music.  Tuesday night, at midnight, I saw that episode 7 of 8 was airing.  I stayed up till 2:30am to watch it.  It was so, so good.  I like Dolly.

Tonight, I finished pulling CIDRs and doing the day2day chores so that I could watch this final episode.  I told Tammy not to cook.

Now I am pissed!  It was good but if you are going to cover country music from 83 to 96 there better be a pile of George Strait.  They spent more time on Vince Gill than Keith Whitley.  Only mentioned Shania Twain.

Not enough George.  I like Garth but I bet he watched this and said, “Ms. Yearwood, they should have put more KING George Strait into this tv flick.”

No matter.  It is still a good watch. The real problem that I had with these flicks.  It is on PBS, so no commercials.  But, some of us are now at an age, where a well placed commercial break helps the bladder.  Not on PBS–no breaks–and it is hard to guess where to take a piss break.

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