This continues to amaze me.  How a mature doe can fit through a creep gate that is too small a hole for some of the kids to fit through.  I’ve got this female dog of a doe that I cannot keep out of the creep area.  She doesn’t eat the feed.  She just wants to lay with the kids and crap a pile and piss all over the wood chips.  If she would do her business outside, I would probably forgive her transgressions.  But NOOO!!

     I have continually closed the gate down in height and width.  I have a couple of kids that can’t go through the gate, but this c%@# still can find a way through it.  She is not a skinny little doe.  She and I have had several discussions and all that I have accomplished is that the second she hears me at the door, she goes to pouring herself through the door.  It is quite the contortionist act.  

     Worse, she is raising twin doe kids.  NO buck kids or wethers.  And her kids are the least bloomy of the entire pen.  Therefore, she hasn’t earned the right to piss me off.