“Dang, that was fun!”  

“Let’s do that again!”

“That didn’t go like it should have.”

“Whow!  That was WILD!  I don’t think that I want to do that again.”  said NO Kelln ever.  

“That deal made too much money.” said NO online livestock sales host EVER!


     Think about this….when you first play a new video game, you always get killed.  I wasn’t worth two squirts of duck crap at guitar hero on my first try.  But, try, try again and the next thing you know, you are dueling the devil playing a Charlie Daniel’s song.  Yeah, that song.  Nobody wins at Mario Bros. on their first try, but you do it agian.  

      I ddin’t make money the first couple of years raising goats.  I hated the does.  I didn’t have a vet or a progressive breeder in Oklahoma at the time to ask for help.  I was on an island.  But, we kept at it.  Now, it is like playing a video game.  I couldn’t buy a help code at the time.  I just had to figure it out for myself.  Now, we are just trying to get to the next level.  I’m old school when it comes to video games.  My favorite is still Galaga.  I loved Mike Tyson’s Super Knockout and Ivan “Ironman” Stewart’s Super Off Road actually kept me out of trouble back in ’89-’90.  Then, I made a career change in 2008 and I played a lot of Wii while eating cocoa puffs (some of the best days of my life).  

      I haven’t played a video game in several years.  I haven’t made time for it.  Although I should.  Risks, money lost and earned, victories and defeats.  And a whole lot of “Dang, that wasn’t fun.”  But when it works, it really works. The one thing that the stock show world has on video games–actual people.  And that will never change.   Welcome to the world of raising livestock.