In today’s livestock marketing world, it is all about the picture.  Did you get the shot?  That one magical picture can fuel a sale or drive a new sire to stardom.

And yes, unfortunately, there have been some doctored pictures.  As the industry continues to respond to those magical images, this is not a new thing.

Back in 1888, a magazine was launched that used stellar photography to bring images from around the world.  Science, geography, cultures, religions and most of all–animals.  Most people have an image of what a National Geographic picture looks like.

And they are still bringing it today.  I still subscribe to the magazine, even though I could do without their ever-leaning political stances that they push in each article.  I may get bored with some of the articles in each issue but I still peruse the magazine and look at each picture.  And this month did not disappoint.  Pg. 144.  A picture of two giraffes.  The kind of picture that makes you go “Is that two different, how the heck…dang that’s a heckuva good picture.”

For a bonus, there is an article about Antarctica with lots of pictures of penguins.  Pg. 122 looks like it could be a buffet.  Yes, I still think a penguin looks tasty.


Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

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