Why is it so hard to find somebody at a major show to take GOOD pictures of a goat? I don’t care how they do it in the purebred show, I want a 3/4 angle shot from the rear, NOT the front. If I am the one paying for the pictures, it ought to be taken from the angle I want. I have spent a pile on pictures and I wasn’t very pleased with very many of them. I have taken my share of young goats for online sales, which are harder to photo than a well trained champion wether/doe. Take a picture perpendicular to the animal and then take the rest from a rearward angle. If a goat isn’t getting ennoblement points and trying to hide the lack of quality, take a good picture which shows the animal. Not that shot angled from the front with somebody holding a banner. Take a good picture from the side or rear showing why they won a banner. I think the term is Money Shot!

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