I don’t like talking on the phone and it is a well known fact that I am limited at texting.  I have had lots of calls this week and they all focus towards the same two questions.

1–Is there another Rumour in this Helms’ online buck sale?

2–How many wethers have you already got out of Helms?

     I don’t work for Kenneth Helms, I don’t get paid by Kenneth Helms but I do like feeding goats from that operation.  I like skinny, crappy looking goats with good genetics that have a chance.  He and I have always dealt fair with each other and I like that.  Therefore, I will answer these questions and others as you call, preferably.  If you’ve never talked to me on the phone before, don’t text me about this sale.  

1–Rumour wasn’t bought via online sale.  I threw a BIG # out and the deal was done.  However, to answer the question, there is not a buck like Rumour Has It in this year’s offering.  But, there are several that are better in certain areas. Rumour was the buck that I needed at the time.  This sale offering has 3 or 4 that will make drastic changes to lots of programs.  I REALLY like a certain buck as he has a ribcage shaped like a Budweiser can, a square rack that sits on that cage and a massive loin that ties into a big ass.  He isn’t perfect in a structure area or two, but he makes high dollar goats out of most does.  He will work at most any program in the business.  No, I am not planning on buying him as I am currently in a NO spend mode.  But, I will be watching and I know a good value.  The buck kids have been kept dry and are in good condition.  

2–Duke and I left Quitiquae without any wethers.  Why?  The best ones are selling in this online buck sale.  2nd–They have had a butt-load of rain and keep getting rain.  I like skinny,crappy goats, but not that skinny and that wet.  I did buy several at the Lone Star Elite & the Helms/Book sale.  I will bid on more at Norman.  I’m real sure that there will be lots of good goats come out of there in August and September.   

      I like talking goats.  I don’t like texting goats.  I don’t mind answering questions about goats that I have seen.  I don’t like taking pics of goats.  I would rather tell you exactly what I see.  Mine or anybody else’s.  

      So, to wrap up this diatribe.  I will answer your calls.  I will tell you what I have seen.  I would recommend going out there and actually seeing and handling each one.  It will be worth your trip.  They are better than the pics.  As for the wethers,  go out there. Buy them.  Cool.  I’ve bought lots of wethers out of there in July, August and September in the past.  I’m sure that I will again.  I like my showmen/feeders and I like my chances.  Besides, they usually get cheaper.  And the only thing that I like better than a skinny, crappy looking goat with good genetics is a CHEAP skinny, crappy looking goat with good genetics.  

      Have a good day and a better tomorrow.