Just got done looking at facebook and all of the posts of stock showers headed to Phoenix.  Our family has had numerous fun trips to the ANLS.  Duke and I discussed whether we were going this year and we both had the same opionion–we wanted to go, but didn’t really want to be gone that long.  So, we came up with a plan–we didn’t even nominate any goats so that we didn’t even have to think about making the trip.

However, there are a few things that I will miss about Phoenix.  First and foremost, My Mother’s restaurant.  The turkey pot pie is unreal.  All of the food is off the hook and the slices of pie are huge.  There are several Mexican places that we will miss–La Pinatas.  And I am due for some Pappadeaux’s.  We normally ate there 2 or 3 times. The dutch oven Chuck Wagon cook-off is cool.  Duke loved drinking coffee with the cooks at the chuck wagons.  The exhibitor’s breakfast on show day is a cool deal.  The zoo is pretty fun.  It is a bit different than most zoos.  The mutton bustin at the Lil Buckaroos rodeo is entertaining.  The show itself is very exhibtor friendly.

I normally kind of liked the drive out there but despised the drive home.  I won’t miss traffic jams on Black Canyon freeway.  I wish the premium sale was better there, but it is still a fun show.  I dang sure won’t miss Tammy griping about having to do chores while we are gone.  Good luck and safe travels to all.