Phil 4 President

    This post has nothing to do with my thoughts on sexuality, race, religion or anything else.  We all know that if you want my thoughts on a subject, just ask me.  Whether I agree with Phil Robertson or not does not matter.  What I like about Phil Robertson is the fact that he knew that reporter was going to ask that question, he knew that there would be backlash and he didn’t change what he said just to be politcally correct.  He said what he thought.  Now why is that a bad thing?  

     Here’s why I would vote for him.

1–He seems honest.

2–Strong family values.

3–He respects nature.

4–He built a business from the ground up.  And with the help of his sons has turned it into kind of a big deal.

5–He doesn’t try to be politcally correct.  Readily admits to mistakes that he has made and learned from.

6–Doesn’t need monetary support from political action committees, individuals, etc in order to fund a campaign.  I do think that our president should have actual business experience.  I think they should also have military experience.

7–I like the idea of the oval office decorated in camo.

8–The U.S. President should respect GOD.

9–I won’t have to worry about him trying to get rid of guns.

10–Won’t care if he offends, well, obviously, anybody.  

11–He would be better than what we’ve got or had in a while. 

12–I’d like to see what happens to the fat gray squirrells that roam the National Mall.  

13–It’d be fun, interesting and I bet it would work.


I also bet the ratings of that show go up as a result of his suspension.