I still like the old Guns N Roses song “Patience”.  The list of hit songs that involve whistling is pretty short.  This song should be on every person’s playlist that deals with me.  My calendar stays packed and I do things goat related on my schedule.  Whether they are wanting a wether from me or wanting me to buy a wether for them, it is best if people have patience.  Don’t crowd me.  Just let me know what you want and when you have to have it and things have a way of working out.  

      People get in too big of a hurry.  And that normally costs more money.  They go to buying crap that they don’t need.  It is amazing what another week will do when watching goats.  When given time, I have a pretty decent track record of getting the right goats to the right place.  I like to have some time to watch them walk, how they eat and how they change in a week or two.  But, people get in a hurry.  

     The ironic thing about patience, is that most of the time, I have ZERO patience.  But when needed, I can wait.  And I do wait, when I know that there is a payoff down the road.