Part 2

The goat show at Phoenix was good, really good.  The top 3 or 4 in about every class were excellent goats.  I had never seen this judge line up a show but I would like to show to him again.  Consistent.  When he got to class 9, that was the point when he could define exactly what type of goat was his type.  Class 9 was very tough.  There were at least 5 wethers in that class that were in the upper end of the whole show.  Julie Isbell ended up 2nd in that class with a dang good one.  The class winner went on to be grand.  Isbell hit the lottery when her other goat ended up res. div. 2.  That means she got to bring that really good one home.

Darcy Peach had a 2nd with her little Milligan goat and a 3rd with her Hummel wether.  I was worried that Milligan goat might end up as a res. div.  She needed to keep that one, so it worked out great.  Brook Ferguson had a couple of top 5 placings.  Great kids and families.  It was kind of cool sitting at lunch on the first day at My Mother’s.  With Duke, Darcy and Julie, we had three seniors that will be getting scholarships at OYE.  Oh and yes, I did burn the heck out of my tongue on the turkey pot pie.

I didn’t get the feel of any politics going on.  I felt and it looked like he just judged stock.  There were plenty of big firms represented at this show as well.  There were 10 wethers in the premium sale.  3 from Kedrick Miller and crew, 2 from Hummel, 2 from J & J, 2 from Blue Team Wethers and then 1 from Julie Isbell.  Those 10 were good enough that there was not a clear cut winner going in to the grand drive.  Some thought Hummel might get a piece of it with the div. 2 champ, others thought that the Blue team wether that won div. 4 might be the one while others either thought the Miller goats in div. 3 or Cooper’s brother with the div. 5 winner would gather the banner.  Me, I picked the div. 4 to be grand and the div.3 to be reserve.  I had them reversed.  That’s a fun show to watch when there are that many favorites in a grand drive.

The quality of stock, feeding, fitting and showmanship has spread all across the country.  A good one can be found in about every state.  And that goes for every species.

If you don’t know the Isbell family, you need to.  Great family.  This is the baby of the family, so they are about done.  Well, until a grand kid comes along.  They have been a successful stock show family for many years with goats and wethers.  They have gathered a LOT of reserve division banners at most shows.  3 or 4 from OYE, a couple at Tulsa, Kansas City and now Phoenix.  That is consistency.  Not high dollar critters but good genetics, well fed and well shown.  Basically, they are the kind of family that everyone cheers for and don’t mind getting beat by them.  And they do it as a family.

At most stock shows, Gary is normally my favorite highway patrolman.  But not at this one.  I found a very kind and caring soul while coming down the mountain from Flagstaff.  I did get a lecture that stretch of I 17 is the 4th deadliest highway in the US, and that at that speed he should be arresting me and I should lose my CDL. I told him that I normally am pulling a trailer and that this occasion was a really fun descent.  He said, ” I know, sign this warning, slow down and young man, good luck at the ag mechanics show. Have a good day.”  THANK YOU!

Well, I need to get up and go do some sit-ups so that maybe I can fit back into some of my clothes.  Eating stories to come later.  Have a good one.

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