Parrot Mouth

Should a wether be discounted if it is parrot mouthed? This is a common question. The answer is NO. Why not? 1–Because it is a wether, it has been removed from the gene pool. A wether isn’t going to make any more parrot mouth goats. 2–It is a myth that it effects their growth or that they can’t nurse properly. The heavy class winner at Tulsa was a goat raised by me and he was way parrot mouthed. But he was in the heavy class and was fresh. It didn’t bother his growth. Duke had the heavy division champ at OYE last year. He was parrot mouthed. It does not bother growth. 3–it doesn’t affect carcass merit.

I don’t have a problem with a judge commenting on a parrot mouth but it should not affect a placing in a wether show.

The real question is should a doe kid be discounted if it is parrot mouthed or if her bite is off? This becomes more difficult to answer. My opinion is that if it is a purebred show then it must be. If it is a market show, then no. If it is a jr. doe kid show such as OYE, then it becomes more of an issue and depends on the judge. I enjoyed watching the Enid and Woodward doe shows last year. The does were judged didn’t bother with the mouth and teats process. It didn’t affect placing as the good ones still one. If it doesn’ affect growth or carcass then why is it a problem? It is genetic, therfore it has to be considered.

The world record selling doe last year is parrot mouthed. That shows the concern, or lack thereof, of those buyers and bidders. Most of the successful bucks in the industry are throwing parrot mouths or have it in their genetics. It is an issue, but it shouldn’t be a big issue.

It is hard to make a really good animal. I try to find and raise animals that are structurally correct with good rib shape, balance, eye appeal and all the muscle that will correctly fit on that package. I am not concerned with mouths and teats as it does not affect productivity. I do think that there will come a day, when we will all be trying to clean these genetic problems up. That is why purebreds should be held to a higher standard. Somebody will make a buck that is genetically clean while still being a phenotypically good goat that fits the wether industry. That buck will be worth a lot.

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