I was in college the first time that I heard this term used in a judging situation.  I distinctly remember asking, “Uhhh, what does P.O.S. stand for?”

I felt like a D.S. when I found out what P.O.S. stood for.  I should have seen that one coming.  If you don’t know, P.O.S.  stands for Piece Of $h!t.


Tonight, I tested the P.O.S. term.  I have always kind of wondered what the Point Of Separation spacing needed to be in order to keep does from bashing panels.  I recently re-worked pens and made lots of alleys, gates and spacing.  The closest P.O.S. for does in general population versus does penned near bucks was 96″.  That would be 8 damn feet of separation.

I can now tell you that 8 damn feet of P.O.S. is not enough to keep me from throwing stuff and calling does a P.O.F.S.  Distance does NOT matter to these destructive P.O.S. animals.  It is all L.O.S.  If there is a Line Of Sight, they will bash panels.  I guess I’m going to have to hang some rubber mats on the panels.  But, that brings other issues in this part of the world.  I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned this on here, but, I don’t like dealing with mature does.

Just last Thursday, we got a snow.  Dang near a foot of the WETTEST snow that I have ever seen.  Thank GOD it wasn’t windy.  We had several loads of tree limbs to haul off.  It would have been a POS kind of deal if there would have been wind.  The snow weighed down fences, panels and electric lines.  Any other added weight to any panels would have made for a train wreck.  We needed the moisture but this was a different kind of weather.

Speaking of POS does.  I am trying a new regiment for a cystic doe.  I’ll let you know if it works.

An older (5 year old) decided not to re-breed last year. Obviously a good one or I would have already sale-barned the female dog.  Last fall, I tried to AI her and then she got marked by a buck 5 more times.  POFS.  She is fat, looks awesome and hasn’t had a kid since Feb. of 2018.  Here is what we did:

Day 1–CIDr & 2 ccs of Lutalyse (lut)

Day 7– pull CIDr & 1 cc of PG 600

Day 8–3 ccs of cystorelin.

I’m guessing that she won’t come in properly, will probably bash the hell out of some panels and I will be pissed.  Hunh…just another day in the goat industry.

It is now breeding season around here.  Breed now and we are kidding past OYE.  Time to get serious.  JFCWDIPUWTFCMFPOSMFD DOES!!!!!!

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