OYE…WOW! part 2

      Yes, I know it has been a day or 3 since I posted, but I have been on the road.  The goat business is a never-ending vicious circle.  Round and round, getting nowhere fast.  

      I’m telling you, this OYE goat show was wicked good.  Congrats to the Pfeiffer’s for raising the grand and reserve wethers as well as the grand doe.  Good, strike that, great goats.  These top 3 wethers were way good.  You could swap them around in different orders, but it didn’t matter as all 3 were dang good, extremely well fed & fitted and shown to the hilt.  GREAT SET of Grand, Reserve and Bronze wethers.  All OKIE bred and raised.  I don’t know the exact #s of Okie raised goats that are in the sale, but it is most of them.  Why wouldn’t it be that way?  We Okies have been buying the best bucks and does, regardless of price for several years.  

     Our little operation got along real well.  Everyone has wanted to know where the Rumour Has It wethers are.  They were at OYE.  There were only 6 Rumour wethers at OYE, but they placed–2 class winners, 2 seconds, 2 fifths and a reserve heavy div. and bronze overall.  The bronze wether was a Rumour Has It x Joe Dirt/FreakOnA Leash/Starbuck momma.  There were also numerous top 5 doe kids, including the 8th overall slick sheared doe.  Joe Dirt sired a class winning doe kid and a premium sale wether.  Congrats to all.  Marvin Ensor judged the wether show and did an impeccable job of consistently lining up way good goats.  Rainman had a 2nd place wether.  All in all, a very good show week.  

     Duke showed three wethers and had a 1st, 2nd and a 4th and made the premium sale.  Better yet, he worked side-by-side with me fitting goats and he did a killer good job showing.  His ag teacher is going to have to get more serious.  Shattuck only had 2 goat showmen at OYE–Duke and Bree Taylor.  But these 2 are two of the best at getting goats worked and shown.  Both made the premium sale.  And they are just 8th graders.  If their dad’s don’t screw things up, these two will have fun careers.  

      The Shattuck kids did very well showing all species.  I am very proud of how they represented our school.  Our superintendent, Randy Holley, recieved the Chairman’s Award for the outstanding school administrator that supports AgEd programs.  Oh, did I mention that one of Duke’s classmates had a decent cattle show.  Gatlin Goodson showed the reserve grand commercial heifer.  Then, later in the week, Gatling showed the Grand Champion steer at the 100th OYE show.  Pretty cool deal. Gatlin and his family work at this cattle deal.  Yes, it takes some cash to play in the steer barn, but you don’t win a big win without a pile of work.  Gatlin does a great job showing. Shattuck is absolutely loaded with top shelf cattle showmen.  Gatlin comes from a long line of showmen, especially hog showmen.  His grandpa is the legend known as Red Goodson.  The Holt family placed extremely well with their home raised Berkshire gilts.  Sold both in the prestigious OYE gilt sale for a pile of cash.  Cool deal.

      The grand drive spectacle of the OYE is something worth driving to watch.  Unreal.  This show is extremely well ran and shower friendly.  Hats off to the OYE crew on a great show.  I’m already looking forward to the 101st OYE show.  I tell you something else. I am EXTREMELY pleased that the OYE crew hired ShowChampions to take care of the photography.  Man, that operation knows how to get pics of livestock and kids.  That hotshots deal they do is a gold-mine.  Just snap some timely photos and then watch as moms buy pics.  

    Obviously, we had fun at OYE.  But the best news came in the form of a facetime video from California on Wednesday evening.  My favorite daughter, Kela, told Tammy and I that she had gotten a promotion at work.  Starting next season, she will be a traveling PRODUCER for “The Amazing Race” tv show.  This is good news for Duke and I as both of our retirement plans hinge on Kela’s success.  So, this is a step in the right direction. The bad news is that when they are traveling and filming, there is a 30 day window that she can’t talk to anyone.  Silence.  This means that the Dragon Lady will be in a pissy mood for THIRTY days.  I just hope it is during kidding season so that I can just stay in the barn.  Congrats to Kela and congrats to all that had success at OYE.  It is fun to see horseshoes and shamrocks paying off for people.

Spring Break 2015!!!