I see these people with the 13.1 or 26.2 stickers on their car.  I understand that these numbers stand for miles run in a marathon.  I just completed the OYE marathon–Thursday AM of the 10th to Friday PM of the 18th.  Lots of miles logged.   

OYE was an event.  The quality of stock and showmen is better than ever.  I thought the grand steer was one of the best that I have ever seen.  The heifers were deep and good.  The sheep show was wicked.  The hog show was tough.  And then the goats….

This isn’t the same show compared to years past.  There were classes that were 25 deep of good ones…Does and Wethers.  It used to be an obvious top 3 or 5 in each class.  Not now.  Lots of people have learned to feed, fit, show and care for these critters.  You had to have a good one just to place and a DANG good one to be in the top 5.  I thought the judge, Marvin Ensor, nailed it when he commented that he has never seen a species improve so rapidly in such a short period of time.  

I will give you the quick Kelln thoughts on this year’s OYE goat show.  Ladies first.  The wether dam doe show was MUCH improved from last year.  The quality was extremely good on the top end.  I actually sat and watched this show from the first class to the last class.  This grand was cool and out there.  I probably should have bought her, but my experiences of buying does hasn’t been real good.  The reserve grand was a true breeding piece–Rumour Has It x 191/S100.  She was massive, square, yet smooth made.  She could be a tick longer and she is way parrot mouthed.  This one won a class in the wether show last fall at the State Fair of OK.  The slick doe show sale still needs improvement, but the goats were good.  I wouldn’t mind it if they slicked them all.  The breeding doe show was packed full of good ones.  Congrats to all of the winners.  Especially to Collin Ring with his class winner that was a Joe Dirt from Tyke.  I enjoyed watching Bronc Fleming sort the does.  I won’t say that I agreed with him on every placing, but I liked his reasons and felt like he sorted them as he saw them and he ended up with a consistent set of high quality females at the top of each class.  Good job of lining up goats.  

Then the wether show began.  Whew… it was wicked good.  I have lots of thoughts and little time.  Brief rundown—-The grand goat was probably not the crowd favorite, but this goat was hard to fault.  He balanced well, no structure problems, good bone structure, excellent muscle placement, well fed and well presented.  Very good goat that fit what the judge was looking for.  Huge congrats to that crew at Ft. Gibson.  There are a pair of really good livestock ag teachers at that school and some great kids and families.  They do an excellent job of feeding, fitting and showing goats.   I have no problems getting beat by a team like that.  They do it right and I applaud them.

The reserve grand was obviously one that I like.  This was the goat that I thought would win KC.  But, it didn’t happen.  TravASS and I aren’t afraid to hold a goat, so we did it again.  Hats off to the Schovanec Family.  In the past five years, they have shown a grand at OYE and 3 reserve grands.  Throw in some other wins like a grand at Tulsa and a reserve grand at Denver and it is hard to argue with the fact that they are on the short list of best goat showing families–EVER!  

The bronze wether was a wildly cool light weight paint goat.  Going into the grand drive, I didn’t think that this one would be grand, but I was sure that he would get a piece of it.  This young lady has already seen success in her short career and will continue to be a player for years to come.  

And since this is my blog, it is time for me to brag a bit.  Darci Peach showed the class 12 winner.  This was a Rumour Has It x 191/s100 that I sold at the Labor Day sale.  This goat was 3rd out in Div. 3.  Then she showed a class winner in Class 13.  This was a Joe Dirt x Goofy kid that I sold at Norman last June.  This wether ended up 3rd out in Div. 4 and 9th overall.  This was the wether that was grand at Woodward District.  Darci also showed a 3rd place in class 9 with a Deuce x Rumour Has It wether.  Yeah, Darci had a good day.  Then Halie Schovanec won class 16 with a Rumour Has It x Blindside.  This was the yellow paint wether that Braden won a class at KC with.  He ended up winning Div. 4 and then reserve grand at OYE.  Lexi Vanderwork had a 4th in a wicked tough class with her Rumour Has It wether.  

Joe Dirt sired a class winning doe and a class winning wether.

Rumour Has It sired the Reserve Grand wether dam and the Reserve Grand wether at the 2016 OYE.  Both were raised by Seelke’s.  Two class winning wethers were sired by Rumour Has It.  

And then there was Duke.  He showed Blonde Bob to a 2nd place in class 9 (2009 Helms from Bob Allen).  Then he showed Yeti to a 3rd in class 13 (Smurf from Gallagher).  And then he showed Big Kenny to a 1st place in class 14 (191 from Helms).  Yes, he made the sale.  Yes, I had great enjoyment working side by side fitting goats with Duke.  I took great pride in people telling me how good Duke showed.  I’ll keep it short–his mother and I are pretty pleased with this offspring.  

I am sad to see the end of several showing careers.  Chesley Comstock, Chancery Bruce and Sarah Murphy will graduate.  Great kids with huge futures.  Jill Scott and Montana Newell have had great careers.  Blake Kennedy is another one that is done.  I will miss watching these kids show.  But, there are already young ones ready to fill their shoes–Ava Bogdahn and Addie Schneberger. 

This post is getting long.  I thought both judges did a really good job of lining up stock.  I thought the quality was awesome.  Thumbs up to the OYE crew for running such a huge event.  Huge congrats to the Seelke’s on raising a reserve grand wether doe and a reserve grand wether.  Cheers!  Shamrocks and Horseshoes to all.

And yes, I did have a bit of fun on St. Patrick’s Day.  Just not as much as I would have liked.