OYE 2007

For me, there were a lot of things memorable about that OK Youth Expo.  Not all of them are happy memories.

Kela had the res. div. 1 wether and the champ div. 3 wether.  The was the first year of Pfeiffer goats being shown.  Fairvew had 5 class winners with goats from their first sale.  Including Kela’s pair.

That was also the year that the fairgrounds were under construction, so that had to change the schedule of the show.  Sheep and goats shared a ring.  And also shared a “grand” drive finale.  Instead of the limo, lights and music, the kids got to ride in to the ring in the back of a gator.  Not quite the same.  But everybody did what had to be done.

Knowng that we were gone, during that grand drive, my father-in-law was at Fairview, so he went to check on our does.  We had about 40 penned up in the corrals that were due in the next couple of weeks.  To his dismay, a neighbor’s pit bull had got into the pen and killed a bunch, injured the rest and aborted most of the survivors.  That is another story.

And in dog related OYE 2007 events, Kela came across a puppy.  It was a corgi female that Tanner Miller had at OYE.  He was peddling this litter of pups.  Kela fell in love with the runt.  She kept her hid from me for most of the show, but I finally found out.  She wanted to buy this dog.  I finally agreed, but only if she backed him down on his price.  She did and she now had a new dog.  This is the tricolor Corgi that has ruled the place since then.

Sasha has been a key part of this family for dang neart twelve years.  Sasha belonged to Kela, but once she went to OSU and then moved to California, Tammy, Duke and myself were allowed to be her keeper.  Kela and Sasha were kindred spirits.

On Friday evening, Tammy found Sasha in great pain.  She had been run over.  Broken hip and leg, cracked vertebrae.  The vet allowed that we needed to wait to see how the weekend would go with her. You don’t just do a complete plate, pin and screw surgery on a twelve year old dog.

When Kela was home for Christmas, she felt like this would be the last time that she would see her dog.  Sunday evening, Sasha face-timed Kela for the last time.

     From Friday night through Sunday night, Tammy was taking care of Sasha.  At 1:17 AM, Monday morning, Sasha passed.  

That dog helped chase wethers from 2007 to 2019.  She ate tons of goat hoof trimmings.  Licked lots of newborn baby goats butts and loved eating hot dogs.  And had the WORST silent farts.

     Ironically, Sasha LOVED riding in the gator.  I mean LOVED it!  Which makes me wonder if Kela had that puppy smuggled inside her FFA jacket during that OYE grand drive.?! 

One last gator ride, Tammy face-timing Kela, Duke and I placed the coffin holding Sasha into her final resting place.  If you don’t shed some tears burying a part of the family, then I have no words for you.

Later in the night, via family text, we all shared Sasha pics and stories.

Here’s to all the good dogs and the way that they can become part of the family.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

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