For those of you that don’t know, OYE stands for the Oklahoma Youth Expo.  I will put this show up against any of the majors in terms of depth of quality.  Why?  One reason is that there is not a more retarded breed of show addicts than OKIES.  Two, the Texans can spread out amongst a pile of majors, large districts and high paying counties.  Add in, that in Texas, if you win a major, then you are done in that species.  Not in OK.  All of the big names are at OYE.  

      So, how about the OYE wether goat show.  Wicked good.  The depth of quality was very good.  The gap has narrowed in terms of feeding and fitting.  There are more kids doing a better job of showmanship. But there are still a pile that don’t do very well.  The good showmen placed, and placed high.   

      My thoughts on the top end.  When I saw the division 1 wether in class, I knew that he would get a piece of it.  If I was judging, he would win it.  That was as good a wether as I have seen, regardless of weight.  I am happy as hell for Chanse Alexander with the res. div. 1 wether.  It wasn’t as high as we were hoping for him, but he was in the grand drive for his first time, his senior year.  Great kid from a great family.  

      The division 3 wether was a good bastard from the time I saw him last April.  Duke and I talked about keeping him, but we agreed that tag 3451–aka TONKA– was the one for Braden’s senior year.  The res. div. 3 wether was cool.  

      The division 4 champion wether was one that I studied as a baby and decided he didn’t have enough to him.  That goat always got along–Lone Star Elite, Champion’s Choice and now OYE.  Very complete, well presented, well shown.  He ended up as Bronze overall at OYE.  Just goes to show what I know.  

       The res. div. 2 and the res. div. 4 wethers were really cool made, wide based wethers that had plenty to them.  These were both shown by the same young man.  I am sure that when they headed to the city that they weren’t planning on having reserve divisions, but it happens.  Really good goats that were well shown and presented.  Tip of the cap to the Newell family and Mr. Pearson.  

        The grand wether was the lightweight–entered at 78 pounds.  He was a bad ass.  Congrats to the Jackson family and Mr. Shawn Sparks.  This wasn’t some accident.  She had the bronze wether at OYE last year and has consistently won classes and better.  Mr. Sparks knows good livestock and how to get them presented.  Congrats to the Pfeiffer family for putting this one together.  I have ZERO problems getting beat by this goat.  He looked the part and handled like a champ.  Hats off to a job well done.

      The reserve grand.  Last May, when I left Quitiquae, I knew that we a had big time player on board.  He was wide based coming and going, heavy boned, big ribbed, but still cool fronted.  He had an ass that was two axe handles wide.  But, he needed to tie just a tick better at his hip loin.  Guess what?  At a 101 pounds, he was still wide based, heavy boned, massive ribbed, yet cool fronted and could tie just a tick better.  He was the right one and the right showman was on him, but there was a better one there.  I really liked this goat and yet, I am still fine with “Tonka”  being reserve grand.   Hats off to the Schovanec family.  Grand at OYE 2012, res. grand 2013 and res. grand 2014.  That’s a heckuva run for anybody.  Oh and they were all from Helms.  And they aren’t done–Schovanec nor Helms.  Good people and great friends.  

      The bronze wether was a good one.  Hard to fault.  Sound, wide based, yet balanced, not exteme but still had a show look to him.  Smooth made with plenty of power is the best way to describe this goat.  This wasn’t a high dollar goat.  But it had a good showman with an expert guiding the way.  Ricky Jack Thompson is a killer good livestock man and he knows how to get goats ready to show.  His brother isn’t too shabby either.  These two ag teachers had several head in the premium sale (they normally do have several cashing checks).  These boys are tough competitors and I respect their abilities.  They should be judging big shows.  What about “squints”?

      Rainman had a really good showing with several class winners and other top placers.  Our crew was battered, bloodied and bruised but still faired quite well.  The Poe Cat had a several in the sale.  I’m tired, this could get long.  So I’ll just stop.  Have a good night.  I need to watch some NCAA wresting on the tube.