It is hard to get rid of a 200 to 280 pound pig this time of year.  The market is flooded.  The butcher dates are full till late May.  We called a buyer 3 hours away.  He would take some on Thursday for $.30  a pound.  On Friday, they weren’t buying anymore.  Frank Powell managed to get a truck to WW.  This truck would take some pigs to Wisconsin on a back-haul.  Great.  We needed rid of some of these beasts.  I would butcher another one, but…but…the Dragon Lady has laid down the law.  THREE freezers full of stuff is enough.  I agreed.

We loaded NINE FINE SWINE to get on this truck.  (that was fun to write and say)  I met the truck at the Woodward Livestock Auction.  This sale barn is designed for cattle and lots of them.  But not hogs.  We needed to load these hogs in the belly of this trailer.  So, I backed up to the side pot door.  This left about an 14″ elevation challenge for these pigs.  No problem.  Pigs don’t jump.  Especially these structurally challenged porcine perfections that are currently winning in the show ring.  So, just give us a plastic hog herding panel, a driver in the belly of this pot and my dumb ass in the trailer.  I drove the hogs to the edge and then pushed them onto the plastic ramp.  The driver grabbed ears and I pushed.  I have a shoulder that hasn’t worked right for years.  Now, it hurts like holy, yeah it hurts.

The adrenaline was flowing and I did NOT want to deal with anymore pigs at this time.  So I did what needed to be done.  No hogs were hurt. But I can tell you that I am saying OWWW!!

A lot of people don’t realize the behind-the-scenes work that is done to buy/take care of/ get rid of show animals.  Yes, the backdrop pictures are great.  But there is way more to it.  The great thing about a steer is that everyone wants a well-fed beef.  A lamb or goat….well, just kick them out in the pasture until the next trailer is headed to the sale barn.  They don’t cost you any feed bill.  Pigs on the other hand.  You can’t turn them out.  They are now going through a pile of feed.  It is cheaper to give them away then it is to feed them for another couple of weeks.  So, you get what we had here.  Just an old, fat ag teacher trying to help get rid rid of nine fine swine for some kids.  Mission accomplished!  And every time I move that shoulder…owww!!  It will be alright and tomorrow will be better.  Jay Bogdahn told me it would be good.

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