The package went over the line.  It brought $25,500.  No, I did not buy it.  I was the bidder, but not the buyer.  2 Sweet Livestock are the purchasers as they continue to build a dominant doe herd.  Great time at the Helms sale.  The Dragon Lady and I went for the Ronnie Lumpkins ribs on Friday night.  The potato burritos and fried fish & chips were dang good on Saturday.

Made it home Saturday evening.  Headed out to do chores.  Had a young one or two that had the squirts.  I grabbed some SMZ tablets and scour halt and went to catch them.  One of the little buggers ran into a shed.  Good deal–I now have him cornered.  As I crowded him, he went all matrix and went up the wall, then went all Bo Jackson like and ran horizontal along the wall and then kicked as he came off the wall.  I caught him.  His antics stirred up something that I haven’t dealt with since 2012–Wasp Bite.  Dang!  I got nailed right in the middle of the spine.  I wasn’t right all night and I can still feel the effects.  I did not know that nest was there or it wouldn’t have been there.