There is a lot about Cali that is just like I expected. LOTS of people. Traffic is horrible. The seafood is killer. Everybody needs to go check out the inhabitants of Venice Beach. Interesting would be an under rated word describing some of these people. For years, I have heard about the In N Out burger chains. They are consistently on top burger lists. We visited one today. I have never seen a fast food restaurant this busy. It was crazy. Walk in had several lines. The drive through was packed. There was a kid taking orders out in the parking lot. The efficiency of this place was awesome. They rolled people and burgers through at a pace that would make McDonald’s envious. I ordered a double/double, animal style w/out maters or onions. It was a good burger, the fries were common and the prices were fine. Great burger–No. Way over-rated. I would go back, but I wouldn’t drive out of my way for one. We toured Warner Bros. It was a good time to go as they are celebrating 75 years of Batman. Lots of cool Batman props and info. Had a fun talk with a security guard about meeting the Joker (Nicholson) and Batman (Keaton). On to San Diego.