I wish I had a good story about this, but I don’t.  Simply, I was shutting off lights and locking doors on Thursday night.  I stubbed my toe (not the pinky but the one next to it on my left foot).  Caught it on the corner of the gun safe.  All stubbed toes hurt but I knew that this one wasn’t good.

Friday morning, I went to the Dr.  Hadn’t been to one in decades.  The radiologist winced when I removed my sock.  The Dr. said, “Wasn’t much need to x ray this one.  You knew and we knew it was broke clear in two.”  So, I get to go to the orthopedist today to find out what happens next.

I can walk on flat surfaces but any terrain changes gives me fits.  It hurts.  The kind of hurt that shoots through you, makes you want to piss yourself and cry a little bit.  I haven’t done either but it could still happen.

Saturday, we had Blaine Rue in our part of paradise.  He has been wearing me out wanting some Joe Dirt semen.  I have it and he likes to clip show does.  I think that we can make a trade.  Blaine loves to clip does and he is good at it.  So, he clipped Shattuck show does while Duke, Tyke and I worked on wethers for kids.  Good trade.

Duke and I got some eyes on his wethers, handled, took care of hooves and weighed.  An executive council agreed that he needed to punt on one…for now.  Duke likes it when the # of wethers gets cut.  All of us get married to one or another because of high hops, money spent, etc.  But a lot of times, we are money ahead to punt and make sure the right one or two are getting worked better.  Time utilization can make show animals better.  Which makes me wonder.  How good could some showmen/animals get if the kids spent 3 or 4 hours a day working with their critters as compared to them riding a bus and sitting on a bench during a basketball game, four or five times a week?  Just thoughts.

Have a good one.


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