OSU Football

     I have always been an Okie State fan.  I love the school.  My dad, myself, my daughter, a brother, some uncles, cousins and a butt-load of friends have graduated from the Oklahoma State University.  I keep up with their athletic teams and judging teams.  My life doesn’t crumble when they lose, but I am in a better mood when they win.  

     Personally, I did not think that the pokes would beat TCU.  I was wrong.  Dad asked us to go to the game, but I had pigs to buy and recips to kid.  He and mom made the trek to the motherland.  Perfect weather and a big win for Okie State football.  I’m sure that it was a large time.  I enjoy myself when I do go to games.  And therein lies the problem.  I have a large time.  Lots of friends at different tailgates.  Throw in the fact that I don’t like sitting in the stands which means that I end up back at the tailgates listening to it on the radio.  

     Growing up, we made it to a game or two every season.  That was a big deal to go to a game.  I have some fond memories of being in Stillwater for an OSU football game.  I distinctly remember going with my Dad and Grandpa Kelln to an OSU/Texas A&M.  That was my first time to see the Aggies marching band.  IMPRESSIVE!  I am a little wierd when it comes to OSU football on TV.  It wasn’t common for the cowboys to be on tv when I was a kid.  Therefore, I listened to most of the games on the radio.  I still prefer the radio versus tv when it comes to OSU football and basketball.  Wrestling–I want to be there.  I digress.  My favorite daughter texted me to see if I was watching today’s game.  Nope.  But, I was aware of the score at the time.  I finished chores, checked on a newborn and then made it to the tv.  I couldn’t take it.  So, I pulled the High Country out of the barn and went dirt roading–just listening to the 4th quarter.  Good win.  

      There are times that I think that the internet, ESPN and all the other instant media has hurt sports.  In this part of the world, it is common to find St. Louis Cardinals fans.  Why?  That was the team that was on local radio.  Watch the movie Rudy.  It is kind of inspiring to watch him recite the radio announcer game calls.  There is something a bit nostalgic about listening to a ball game on the radio.  But, I still like to watch the replays on the tv.  

      A good play-by-play announcer is a true artist.  They can paint the picture.  My favorite football radio broadcast was the Boise State/ou Fiesta Bowl.  We left Phoenix and headed south to dodge a snow storm.  I listened to that game from Tucson to somewhere in southern New Mexico.  Those broadcasters nailed it.   I couldn’t wait to see the replays and they were just like the plays that had been described to me via the radiio.  

     Sounds like lots of dollars changed hands at the Perfect Timing pig sale.  I saw a lot of really good Berks sell today.  Bought several of them.  I think I’m done for the night.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.