I’ve got plenty of them.  I can’t stand to turn the news on right now because I don’t care about a hurricane heading towards New Orleans.  If they were stupid enough to stay after Katrina, then that is their problem.  That isn’t news.  I don’t wish anyone harm or loss of property, but Come on!. 

     Between an upcoming presidential “election”, a hurricane and a horrible drought, I don’t really want to watch the morning news. 

     I enjoy seeing good livestock.  I enjoy helping kids and I enjoy helping other breeders.  I am amazed at how people will try to take advantage of you.  Adults, always adults.  Especially other breeders looking for some low rent way to get help or abusing your help.  Amazing.  Sometimes, I seem “kind of’ callous and brutally honest.  There is a reason.  I have been fortunate that we have a crew in our show circle that is fun to be around.  They all understand teamwork, work ethic and how to have fun.  The kids enjoy being around each other.  

      I see a lot of goats.  In my opinion, the Best of the West sale will be one of the best sets of goats sold this year. 

     In my opinion, the prices for good goats is going to stay high.  There is a limited supply of bonafide good ones.  That is what will drive the prices up.  Common ones will be hard to sell.  It won’t matter if it is private, online or public auction, a good one will sell high and a common will take up feed.


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