Opinions and stories

I’ve had some people tell me that I am opinionated. I’m not opinionated, I’m just always right!! I actually have a key chain with this slogan on it that a student bought for me years ago. Still have it. I also have another key chain that another student gave to me that says “My foot and your ass need to meet.” These are the only two key chains that I have ever had or still have. I laugh everytime I see these keychains.

I still laugh at a lot of stories from my teaching days. I had a lot of good students and a lot of good times. I miss the kids and the stories from teaching. However, I don’t miss all of the other crap that goes with teaching.

Mandy, who is the secretary at the store, likes for me to tell stories. It doesn’t help that one of my sales staff is a former student who likes to remind me of certain stories. Sometimes, I think I might write a book. Other times, I think that might not be a good idea.


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