Oooh that Taste?!

So, I stepped off the back porch this evening to, well, check the weather.  As I did, I tilted my head back and took a deep breath, open mouth.   AAHHGG!   I tasted that smell.  That smell that was caused by either a corgi dog, goat or mini hereford that had drastically startled a skunk.  It tastes bad and smells worse.  Dang!!  Could have done without that.

As for the weather, it is still dry.  But no wind today and I felt like wearing shorts today.  Actually, I just wanted to go fishing and not see any people or livestock.  But instead, I dealt with people ALL day, got a haircut, bought feed, did chores, heated up some leftovers, then stepped out on the back porch, came back and then I sparked up some Skynyrd tunes.  Seemed appropriate.

Every time that I smell a skunk, I think about an old cowboy (R.I.B.)  that once waxed somewhat poetically about the perfect smell of a summer morning.  In no uncertain words, it went something like this.  “To step out on the front steps, take in the the smell of your own cows, a yet to be saddled horse, fresh dew upon sagebrush and just a tinge of skunk in the air.  That is a good start to a day.”

Now for the hide the kids portion of this.  DON’T read this if easily offended or not above the age of 28 or so.  You’ve been warned.  Of course, I also remember the time in the CO-OP that a group of guys asked this same poet laureate about if he was still “not getting any” from the old lady.  His reply, “The only way that I would be able to….”



OHHHH!! I just can’t do it.  I don’t edit myself very often.  In 1998, when I heard him say this, and then I came up for more air from laughing, I remember thinking “that line needs to be in a movie.”  I still think it needs to be in a movie.

Speaking of movies, I don’t have a clue what kind of deal our favorite daughter is working on at this time but the cast reads, well, like it ought to be dang fun.  I don’t think it will be a serious drama.

I had a weird moment with a group of 8th graders this morning.  I don’t even remember what I said, but one of the boys said, “Dang Mr. Kelln, that almost sounded like a rapper.  Do you even know how to rap?”

I replied, “No, but I do listen to some good rap music on occasion.”

He then asked, “Who?”

“I doubt that you have ever heard of them but they were good.”  I then retorted with, “Dude, you ever hear of LL Cool J?”

To my surprise, he came back with “As a rapper, no.  But did he act in the tv show NCIS?”

“Duhh?!  Yeah.”  was my reply.  He came back with “Doesn’t Ice T play in Law & Order SVU?”    Dang kid!   Yes.


So then, I came back with “Tone Loc played in some tv shows and I don’t know what happened to Young MC but he had a good rhyme on one song.”   He went, “Hunh?”   Lost him at that point.   He had the same look on his face that I have with some of today’s music.  Hunh?  But, it is weird that several late 80s rappers have made it as actors.  Looking back, maybe they just signed bad record deals that really didn’t pay off well and then they wisely turned their 15 seconds of fame into an acting gig in order to pay some feed bills for some bad livestock habits.  I don’t know, I digress.

And sometimes, words heard years ago, seem to get louder.  I hope that there is some good shows on the dish tv program tonight.  Maybe I can see an old rapper playing a cop.  That would be cool.



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