Oohh Snap!!

I have survived another county stock show.  As an ag teacher, I do NOT care who wins a county stock show.  I hope that the judge does it fairly and as he/she sees fit.  I do know that our show was placed in a manner that was perfectly fine with me.  Every kid got a good look and a fair shake. And we are now done and on to the next one.  I see county shows as a scrimmage.  (I know that I am in the minority).   We will now make some feeding adjustments, showmanship upgrades and make sure grooming is in proper order going forward.  All species.

It is hard to get through ANY stock show without getting a bit twisted up.  Parents are worried about their kids and projects.  They have a kid or 3 to worry about and a few head of stock.  BUT, it’s okay for a parent to get wound up.  On the other hand, an ag teacher has EVERY kid, EVERY animal and EVERY parent to deal with, so IN MY OPINION (which makes it right) it is perfectly fine for an ag teacher to be a bit pissy!  PERFECTLY FINE!

I made it through this one without a melt down.  I deserved to have a come apart on one dumbass parent BUT I didn’t.  I had one student that was academically ineligible to show.  It happens.  But, this parent checked her kid out of school to help the lazy, little brother wash one, yes one sheep.  No!  Homey don’t play that!  The student is ineligible, therefore, he needs to be in school.  Ooh snap!! Momma got pissy and crappy in a hurry.  So, as a result, neither kid got to show.  My call.

Here’s the cool part.  Guess who financed both kids show animals?  Yeah, that would be ME.  Guess who was counting on the kids making the premium sale in order to pay me back?  Yeah, that too would be ME.  But, I’m, the A-Hole.  I gambled and I lost.  Oohh snap!!

Well, not yet.  So far, I am real proud of how one of the kids has handled himself.  He knows that he is in a tough situation and that his academic problem set things into motion.  He realizes that there are numerous people trying to help him.  He has handled himself in a very mature fashion.  Unlike his parent.  If this kid grows from this, well then, I’m out some cash, but….so what.  This story will hopefully have a happy ending.  There are coaches, school administration and a cranky ag teacher working to help a kid.  Some get it and some never well.

AND THEN, a grandma has to get on book face and go to blasting people.  On numerous posts, on several topics and she doesn’t know….OOOOHHHH SNAPPP!!  I think that I will censor myself and stop.  I don’t use emojji buttons but I would like to send a  SHUT the hell up!!

Let’s not think that I am griping about women.  I don’t care about sex, race, religion or any other excuse.  I have hired women as a salesman at a John Deere dealership and others as parts counter help.  I have hired three co-ag teachers–all women.  Several of my very best ag parents are female.  I was raised by a great set of parents, have a strong willed wife and together, we raised a damn determined daughter.  I don’t care what sex it is, I know dumb ass when I see it.  And I got the pleasure to deal with a couple of dumb asses this county show.

On the bright side, at a recent Shattuck Ag Booster auction, I did buy a year’s supply of Braum’s ice cream gift certificates.  (perfect for a dumb ass that is lactose intolerant)  And then, at the county premium sale, I paid $90 for a peach cobbler.  Yeah, it’s good.  Real good!  I got home tonight and saw that Duke had eaten about $17 worth.

People, have a good one now.  And please, have a better one tomorrow.  OOOHHH SNAP!!


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