Only one!

I only own one gun.  And on occasion I need to use it.  It is just a “home” defense kind of deal that I use to get rid of varmints.  Just some Winchester pump action 12 gauge.  It’s actually scarier looking than the AR-15 deals that the media likes to pontificate about the evils thereof.

Today, I sheared and clipped legs….on sheep getting ready to go to Tulsa.  I then scurried over towards Woodward and burnt horns on a couple of kids.  I called Tammy when I left Woodward, so when I got home, we sat down and ate supper together.  Then I headed out to do chores, in the wind (DAMN brutal wind and it was dark).

While doing chores, I spied a pooty cat.  I shined my cap’s bill mounted light towards the red barn and I spied a PEW cat going inside.  CRAP!  I don’t have that ONE gun with me.  So, I dumped some feed and headed inside to get it.

Once inside, I grabbed this short range weapon of varmint destruction.  I pumped it to inject a 12 gauge shell of holy destruction into the chamber.  Tammy heard this sound.  Like a lot of current Americans, she questioned what I was doing.  Once I explained that there was a Pew Cat in the red barn, she was perfectly fine with me having a gun.

When I came back inside, she asked “Did you get it?”  Nope, it was holed up somewhere looking at me and I didn’t see it.

I figure that most of America is similar to my wife.  On any given day, they will question WHY? would you use that gun.  But as soon as the realization is for the betterment of their daily life…well, yes that is perfectly acceptable.

There are those that would like to tell you that the framer’s of THE constitution did not intend for the 2nd amendment to “mean” that every LEGAL citizen could own a firearm.

Of course, there are those that would like to do away with the electoral college because this is an out-dated part of THE constitution.  Nope, we are just beginning to realize how intelligent those people were.  Unreal.

I don’t watch all of the political channels on a daily basis, nor do I read THE bible on a daily routine.  I don’t need to.  I can see what comes in our classroom, the work ethic in the shop, listen to the coaches, watch the other teachers complain….I know what is out there.  I get it.  I don’t have to like it.  But, I’m not folding up and calling it quits.

Our grandparents grew up in real hard times.  Our parents—hard times.  People like us—-times weren’t easy.  Kids now–guess what?   Not easy.  What the hell?  We are AMERICA!  How did all of us grow up in hard times?  That’s an easy question to answer.  The times are constantly changing.  It’s that simple.  Times change, problems change, we have to UNDERSTAND the change.   It’s already here.  Bitch about it or learn about it.  You make the decision.

And if an active shooter was to happen near you or your loved ones and somebody only had ONE gun and stopped that shooter.  We would all be happy.  You and We the people.   Anti-gun people, whomever.  Well, everybody except the media.

There is a lot about this post that is true.  Most.  But some things just don’t seem quite right.  Really, I did not shoot a pew cat tonight.  That and I might own 2 guns.   But I only have one Winchester 12 gauge home defense shot gun.  But, every time that I shoot it, I wish I had more than one of them.  And I didn’t get to shoot it on this night.  If only one skunk would have shown his ass?!?!

This brings to mind one of my favorite quotes of all time.   “I was born in the floor board of a ’59 Ford wheat truck.  My favorite hobby is hunting skunks with a baseball bat.”

I remember the days of shearing and clipping legs for a bunch of wethers headed to T-Town.  There will come a time when I remember those days fondly, but now is not the time. I’ve had a hand in a lot of winners at Tulsa in several species.  I don’t have a lot of happy memories about any of them.  But, I will get to eat at Tally’s.


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