Online Sales

Lots of calls, texts and emails.  So, here’s the answers to the most popular questions on the online sale on Thursday.

1–Yes, the red front legged doe looks like that.  She is cool.  Handles big.  Cool doe.  We priced her when she was still skinny, didn’t get her bought.  Now, she will bring some jack.

2—lot 3–tag 13P–POWER!  This chick handles big time.  Slick shear, hair, whatever way you want to show her.  Way round ribbed, big topped and big assed.  Under the right buck, this one could raise a big time wether/buck.

3–The buck–yes, he’s good.  Handles real good.  One of the better bucks that I have seen offered this summer.  Real good goat if you like square racks, wide loins and 3D butts. 


There is that sale report.  Now, on to more important stuff.  

     With all of the rain this year, I feel for the producers that have been ravaged by coccidiosis and worms.  We needed the rain, but it has brought it’s share of hardships.  We have had to do some doctoring here in paradise, but we have been lucky compared to others.  There will be some skinny goats sold this year that will feed and turn out.  I just hope that I am smart enough to figure out which ones.  Of the four main show species (cattle, swine, sheep and goats), a shitty skinny goat is the hardest to look at and read.  It reguires a knoweldge of the genetics, imagination, want to and a bucket of luck.  And it is best if you buy several of those kind in order to find one or two that will work.  

     I just wish that I owned part of the patent for the Spectam scour halt medicine.  Between pigs, goats and sheep, there is a bunch of that stuff sold.  

Here’s to wishing you horseshoes and shamrocks or whatever other crap brings you luck.