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It is way more enjoyable selling equipment online versus live animals.  Equipment is what it is.  Low stress. Some of that stuff sold cheap while some of it sold really well.  All in all, I’m going to move some random stuff that we don’t need.  It can go to work for other people.  The does sold too cheap.  Those three can raise some goats.

I got a call from a former student inquiring about delivery on the items.  Of course, he lives less than an hour away.

It is apparent that there is a wide variety of blog readers.  As I did receive a text from Kansas about one of the self feeders and that if they were the winning bidder they would get health papers for the feeder.

An Arkansas bidder texted and asked if I could ship the feed pans.  And they would also take the PITA doe.


To be honest, these inquiries all made me life.  I appreciate a good smart ass comment or two.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.



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