Online Customers

I enjoy dealing with online customers.  I like talking the animals–positives and negatives.  I like helping with sight unseen purchases and I love when they get the animal and are pleased.  I also liking getting the animals off the feed bill and delivered to the new owners.

I don’t enjoy the calls or texts that only ask about delivery.  Ask about the animal.  Every online auction now states some kind of delivery option.  Every sale clearly states that it is the buyer’s responsibility to take care of delivery.

I’m dealing with a “customer” that questioned delivery immediately after they “won” the auction.  Of course, this was via text.  I told them that I would try to find a ride this weekend.  I did. But they did not respond to voicemails or text messages.  So, I still have the animal here.

Then on Monday, I get a text wanting to know when that goat would be delivered.  I politely replied that they needed to respond to texts or phone calls and that it is their responsibility to get transport.  I had a ride but they missed it.  I then get a reply that their phone is shattered and didn’t work.  But the texts are coming from the original #.

On Tuesday, I have a professional livestock transporter coming to the house to pick up a different animal.  I inquire about their delivery route.  Hold the Phone!  This delivery is going within an hour of the hometown of the other goat.  I text that I have another ride for them.

What does it cost?  $150

I’ll find a hauler. My phone is broke.  I have a new #.  (but they are still texting using the original #)     

      Good luck.  You won’t find it cheaper.

I can’t drive an hour to pick it up this week.


My conclusion–some people don’t need to be buying animals online.  I have found two rides.  I have fulfilled my obligations.  I have never charged extra for keeping animals past a week.  I’ve got a feeling that this one is going to be here a bit and that I’m going to charge a PITA fee.  That would be a Pain In The Ass fee.


Of course, it could be worse.  I was going to deliver an online buck purchase to TX two weeks ago.  But on delivery date, the buck was showing signs of thiamine deficiency.  Duke and I doctored him.  But, we lost him. So, no payday for me.  No new buck for the buyer.  The joys of livestock.

Have a good day.



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