One Word

And that word is “Perspective”.

I was at the Tulsa State Fair as an ag teacher.  Not as a jock or breeder.  My priority was Shattuck kids showing sheep.  We had a good Tulsa Fair.  The parents and kids worked together great and had fun.  I had time to go to Tally’s Cafe for a breakfast or two.  I had a great time meeting back up with Mr. Pullan and Mr. Bradshaw to go to Jamil’s steakhouse.  This time Randy and Lisa Nation joined us.  Great meal with fun people. I want this tradition to continue.  It is fun with good food.  I love deals like this.  The only way it would have been better is if Tammy and Stephanie would have been there.

During the lunch break of the sheep show, I walked over to watch Carson Schovanec show a goat.  He won a class.   Then I got to watch Kaylee Rolph show.  She won a class.  So, I stayed to watch that division championship.  And THAT is how I got the opportunity to watch that shit show of a judge.  Have I mentioned that he was bad?

Then, I headed across the street to find a clean bathroom.  On the way, I ran into my friend Bryan Kennedy.  This cat is one of the very, very best livestock people on the planet.  We only see each other a couple of times a year.  We both have the same phone and texting etiquette.  We stood in the street and talked for a bit.  Those that know us understand that the letter F was used more than once.  One thing about our conversations–we are both right and do not care what anybody else thinks about us.  He kept bringing up the term “Perspective.”  As in, too many people have lost perspective of the stock show industry.  He is right!

Call me old but you can’t call me wrong.  A stock show is supposed to be a learning experience for a kid.  It should be a journey of learning work ethic, animal husbandry and showmanship skills.  I want the kids to work towards winning but IN MY OPINION, the win is nothing more than a residue of working, learning and hopefully having fun.

This crap of animals living at one place, but the showman living at a different zip code…..people, it ain’t right.  I don’t care that they show up on weekends and work on showmanship.  That shit ain’t right.  This stuff of a jock buying/providing the animals, the kid works on showmanship, the jock & the breeder broker the deal with the judge and the kid gets a banner.  WTF?   Tell me how this is good for the kid.  You can’t!

Let’s get real here.  Kela and I were involved with a deal.  Animals lived in OK but were shown elsewhere.  We didn’t break any rules on our end.  But I still wrestle with this deal.  It was brokered by a show feed rep and my kid made money for her efforts.  And she got the wethers after that state fair.  Was I wrong?  We didn’t break any rules.  But the other side did.  I’ll take the blame.  It doesn’t feel clean.

How about when I was told by THE industry leader to not pick up a wether this week?  Get him next week cuz the judge will be here and can see him.  Not for my kid.  And yes, that goat went on to win a big show.  It was the only time that family won anything.  I was a part of it.  I’m guilty.  But I didn’t do it for my own kids.  Yet, you people will line up to lease a buck from him or listen to a podcast, feed his feed, assume the position… whatever.  His kids have tested out of numerous shows.  Mine have not tested out of any shows–pigs, goats, chickens–clean!

People, we are at a time when agriculture is misunderstood.  The general public does not know or understand agriculture.  But they eat.  We need to be at the fore front of using a stock show as a teaching tool.  Not only for our kids, but the kids of the general public.  We don’t need to have a black eye.  We must be on the fore-front to teach and educate people about their food.  And a bad stock show epidemic is hard to recover from.  Clean it up!  It is that simple.  Whatever you are doing, right or wrong, ask yourself how it looks from a different perspective.  That banner hunting perspective will always cause problems.  Congrats on that banner but….was it worth it? Was it right?  The journey towards that banner should be the highlight.  The banner should be nothing but a reminder of things done right.

I cannot deal with all of the texts and voicemails that I have received.  My reply… something about it.  Get vocal.  I’m just a has-been, low rent dude that has no fear.  Get off your ass!  If there is a POS judge that looks like he is hungover and judges differently on the 2nd day of the OYE goat show, he probably cut a deal with the devil.  Oh wait, and then he ends up judging a show like Denver, the next year.  HUNH!  It’s amazing how these shitty judges stay in circulation at major shows.  76856

My perspective has not changed but it has definitely been intensified.  Take tonight for example, I texted a TRUE champion of agricultural youth.  A cool dude name Joe Farris.  If you don’t know him, well you should.  You would like him.  He taught ag for a few years and has been a banker with the Bank of Western Oklahoma for a long time.  He has raised a lot of good calves, showed a lot of good calves and this guy absolutely loves helping kids.  Ask me about Duke getting a loan for cows from Josh Howard and then Joe came in and talked to him and then Jimmy came in.  It was all about the kid and it was one of the best learning moments that I have ever witnessed.  Duke was listening and will take that listen with him the rest of his life.   ANYWAY, I texted Joe about bringing some classes to a judging contest.  Heifers, bulls and cow/calf pairs.  As always, he replied that he could do it.  I then inquired about his grand-daughter.  He sent me some info about proton therapy and how long she will have to endure this.  She is only 5 or 6.  Too young.  He then sent me a wicked awesome pic of her in her hospital bed–smiling and thumbs up!!!    Prayers for her and all that need them.

You take your crooked/political/BS judging stuff and I will just keep my perspective on what’s right.

I’m right, I damn sure know that I am right and you know it as well.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow. I wish nothing but horseshoes and shamrocks for all of you.

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