No more Olympics on the tube, so I am going through some withdrawls.  But it got me to thinking about things that ought to be an Olympic event.

–Parallel parking a ’93 Chevy van

–Changing diapers (I wouldn’t be very good)

–Trailer backing (Tyke would be a non-qualifier)

–Finding the tv remote control

–Hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock–eyes must stay closed.

–Watermelon home run contest.

–Getting a does horns unhooked from the panel that she was destroying until she became immoblized.

–Flipping channels looking for a Law & Order episode at 4 am, USA, TNT then channel 9 for weather then default back to sportscenter, all with eyes closed.

–Putting a marking harness on a buck.

–Stacking round bales.  

–Stacking small square bales.  

–Fitting a 2 week old goat kid into the dehorning box.  

–Snaring a show pig.

–Unsnaring a show pig when done clipping.