Old Proverb

      Too many irons in the fire.  That would be me.  Tuesday was wicked busy as Blue & Gold/DJs money was coming in, we were hosting the Woodward PI group Opening Ceremonies/Greenhand Quiz contest.  The Woodward PI Group is  all of the FFA chapters in Woodward, Ellis, Harper and Dewey counties.  And in between, I took a group of kids to help cover silage pits at the feedlot north of town.  And some dumb ass scheduled an online sale to happen on the same day.  Intelligent.  

    It all went well.  One of our teams was first and qualified for the state contest.  The other was 3rd.  Most importantly, our kids looked sharp in official FFA dress.  I am a stickler for proper dress, but the Dragon Lady provides any ruling as to whether the shoes are right, skirts are the right length and if ties are tied right.  Sharp kids that also look sharp tend to do well.  However, we did have a first (for me) as we had to figure out how to cover up a tattoo on an ankle.  Not an inappropriate tatto, but a tat none-the-less.  A well placed band aid under the black pantyhose made it a not-noticeable object.  Welcome to the new world.   Who would have thought that a good kid that may or may not have a drivers license would have a tattoo?   

     The feedlot excursion was a good trip.  And the online sale went just fine as a couple of goats went to repeat buyers.  A couple went to new buyers that called and talked about the goats.  And a couple went to people that never called, texted or asked any questions.  Typical online sale.  

      Thanks to all of the bidders/buyers and anybody that watched the sale.  

      And in closing, I don’t know of any old proverbs that deal with all of the wasps that are out and about, but there ought to be something that sums up these insects.  Luckily, they don’t seem to want to inflict damage.  All I know is that there is a butt-load of wasps and I have yet to be stung.