Oh?! Yeah.

Oh, we did have a sale this past Labor Day.  Good goats brought good money.  Pullan sold goats for good money.  I took a pair and they sold about like they should have.  It wasn’t the Best of the West sales of former years.  From an ag teacher perspective, I got some very good goats bought and stayed well within budget.  From the seller side of things…hunh?!   But….the food was excellent.  All of the help was top shelf.  The Woodward County Events Center is a great place to hold anything.   I guess, I will say that the industry is changing.  But, that will be discussed at a later time.

The night before was good.  Not retarded like years past.  Food was excellent.  The camaraderie was even better.  Gary Cramblet and his crew made it to NW OK and I was happy to see that he is doing better.  I had a very interesting conversation with him regarding his health protocol.  He acknowledges first and foremost that he is the beneficiary of a lot of prayers.  GOD speed to he and his family as he continues to beat cancer.

We had some left over mud bugs, shrimp, sausage and Kester’s famous goat bologna.  So, as the night neared the end, we shucked some crustacean shells and stuck all of that in the fridge.  On Tuesday, I remembered to tell my mom that I had this conglomeration of high protein meats.  On Wednesday, I got a text that jambalaya had been made.  Bet you can’t guess what I had for a 10 pm supper tonight?  In the words of the late great Justin Wilson—“I gar ON tee”   that it was dang good!

Speaking of cajuns–how about LSU kicking the dog crap out of the u.   Geaux tigers!  That and this dumb ass crew at the swoosh.  I wear nike shoes.  Why?  Because they fit my narrow foot that has absolutely no arch.  I’m probably not going to burn all of my shoes with a swoosh on them, but I may not buy another pair.

I delivered a trailer load of goats to students today.  It is fun to watch a first timer that is getting their very first project.  It might be funner to watch a now seasoned showman that decided to get 2 instead of the 1 that she has gotten each year.  Funner still is that Grandma is buying each kid a show goat.

Time to hit the showers.  Have a good one and…..


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