Oh wow!!

Yes, I forgot a few videos.  November Rain being the biggie that I left off.  That one was epic and I just flat ass forgot it.  However, it doesn’t change my top 5 overall.  I do, however, agree with a couple of readers, that YES, it is a good thing Lynyrd Skynyrd did NOT make music videos.  Because, if they did, with all of the southern decorations, they would now be banned and erased form history.  No matter, they made some bad ass music.

Personally, I am for cops not doing stupid stuff, blacks not doing stupid stuff, crackers not doing stupid stuff, hispanics not doing stupid stuff, asians not doing stupid stuff….how about if none of us do stupid stuff?  Oh wow!  That would be a novel idea.  Let’s just hold a nationwide, go to a drive in movie theater and watch Blazing Saddles.  Therefore, EVERY race, religion, stereotype, etc, could be offended and we get this crap over with and on with actually living.   I may be wrong.  But, probably not.

If you saw me today, I am a redskin.  Borderline sun burnt but will be dark by tomorrow.  I don’t have an indian card, but I haven’t had a dna test either.  No matter.  I’m not offended by much.  I did, however, enjoy the spoils of our labors.  KC strip steak from JQK.  Okra, taters and sweet corn from here.  All raised right and cooked right.  The only way that it would have been better was if any of you clowns would have been here to share.  I wish there was some sand plum jelly to go on a biscuit, but not this year.

I’m not a huge trump fan.  But, I absolutely deplore what the other side has to offer.  Between that side and the media, well…hell, we just don’t have a choice.  It’s like Trump at least supports economic growth, military, rights and some common sense.  The others have been in office for 40 years and not done much.

I’m catching some crap for allowing students to make and sell Trump 2020 yard signs.  It is simple economics.  We have requests to ship them across the country.  We sold out of the first wave, are scheduling to make more and having to paint them in numerous colors.  The weird thing, as compared to the polls, we have had zero requests to make a biden sign.  Not one request.  ZERO.  Oddly enough, we have had numerous requests to make an ou sign or twelve.  Anybody that knows me understands that I have a life-long aversion to making anything for the u OF o.  I’ve got some young entrepreneurs that are willing to cut, grind and paint such a sign.  But, oddly, no requests for a biden sign.  Zero.  So, even though I don’t want to touch anything with the backward u of o logo, I will let students apply skills and make money.  I’d do the same for that other deal.  But…..ZERO requests.  Odd?

Yes, Tammy and I traveled to the hottest place in North America–which is half way between Quitiquae and Turkey, Texas.  It was hot in temps and sale climate.  At sale start time–10 am– the line to get a bidder # was over a 100 yards long.  The line of pickups & trailers outside Joe Ed’s place was over a mile long– on either side of the road.  So many people and I knew less than 10.  It was good seeing Kenneth Helms.  I wished I had more time to BS with Ronnie & Royce Lumpkins and Dale Cramblet.  The sale was higher than balls on a giraffe.  Or Willie on his tour bus.  Or Cheech & Chong.  I’m just saying–this sale was high.  Tammy and I punted after a couple of hours, headed into Galvan’s, then headed home.

In 2003, I started this goat deal with L& W boer goats.  Then, I was the first Okie to buy from some dude named Kelly.  Then, I got hooked up with Ralph Shafer, then Helms, Morriss, Powell/Holman and Bob Allen.  A couple years later, I got into some herd west of Mason, TX.  Past the ceramic pig and then north into Gallagher’s.  People bitch about coming to Fargo, OK.  And I’m like, “Dudes, you don’t know what the middle of nowhere is like until you have been to Gallagher’s, Kelly’s, Helms’ location or seen that big ass cement stock tank at Bob Allen’s place.”  Now, some have sold out, some have really sold out and some things just ain’t the same.  It is what it is.

We had as good of a run as any.  Raising goats, buying, helping, etc.  We’ve done it all.  Wicked good run!  But it does feel like things are different.  So, time to do things different. Oh wow!!  Time to watch a re-run of Yellowstone.  Let -er Rip!


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