Oh well

I knew that the days were numbered.  Saturday, it became apparent that we were talking single digit days.  The old K9 doe has been fading fast.  And now, it is done. She was just a tick over 10 years old.  She had a good run.  She may not have been the best but she was better than most.  And she wasn’t a fighter or a destroyer of panels.  Now, you better have your A game when it was time to catch her.  But once you snagged a horn, she wasn’t bad to deal with.  Time finally caught her.

I know that we are nearing the end with another one.  Joe Dirt still has some molars left.  His health is good but he has aged fast this summer.  He has probably bred his last doe.  That dude ain’t never cost me any grief.  He’s just made good livestock.  Time gets all of us. It happens.

We had planned on taking a wether to the OYE sale.  Duke got him sheared off on Friday night.  I knew that he was good but he sheared off real good.  Duke and I talked about just keeping him.  We decided to wait until Saturday AM to make up our minds.  On Saturday morning, we had the Dragon Lady give her opinion.  She allowed that we were idiots to sell one like that.  So, we just decided to keep that wether.  Instead of going to that sale, Tammy and I delivered a bull.  Productive day that didn’t cost me much money.

Woke up to a bit of rain this morning.  Just a 1/4″ but we will take it.  Have a good one.


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